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SOARÉ Place mat, water hyacinth,

Price $ 7.99

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Just as welcoming on casual summer evenings as in the winter. It’s handmade from water hyacinth – a plant that is harvested in tropical waterways to control its growth so it doesn’t clog the water flow.

Article Number400.825.36

Product details

Every product is handmade and therefore unique.


Sandra Kragnert

  • Material
    Water hyacinth, Clear lacquer

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Diameter: 37 cm (15 ")

  • SOARÉArticle Number400.825.36

    Height: 1 cm (½ ")

    Weight: 0.28 kg (10 oz)

    Diameter: 38 cm (14 ¾ ")

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Beautiful item and well pricedStephanieBeautiful item and well priced5
PlacematsShelleyI have been looking for these at IKEA forever. I was so excited when I saw them back in store. I bought some for myself and my sister and I love them. A nice inexpensive way to dress up your table. Definitely recommend.5
Beautiful :)GIULIETTABeautiful :)5
Item colour is different from product photosTiffany S.The mat is nice but the colour is completely not what I was expecting. Based on the product photos I thought the item was a light beige but the item I received was a dark brown.3
Love the look of theseSusanLove the look of these placements for outdoor dining. Very versatile with tableware and linens. I was happy to be able to order some once they were back in stock.5
Very happy about this placemat.IRENEVery happy about this placemat.5
Pretty Place MatTaylortrendy pop of texture on the table, study and lays flat.5
I used it as aAILEENI used it as a center piece for my dining table and it works great!5
Nice center tableGracielaI use it as a center piece on my table! Brings a touch of nature texture to the decor!5
smardi837good quality for great price.5
Placemat/ wall decorationBig ole BI purchased this place mat to put up on the wall with a collection of baskets that I have, and it was the perfect addition!5
Perfect for my diffuser and candle displayLeila79Not using it as a place mat but loving it nonetheless.5
Great valueDuck duckLove the product goes very well with our table5
Elevate your table style right awayMimiDesNo nonsense place mat. Shape, texture and colour gives a stylish look on any table5
KJacksonLove these! They are the perfect addition to my farmhouse style.5
Place matsLenda curtains tie backsPerfect for a country setting... I also use them for my coffee machine makes it easy for sliding the machine for filling ...5
Really nice!PattytalbotI purchased for a lazy Susan fits perfect! Really like the natural colour in my dark gray kitchen with light wood cabinetry5
Verified BuyerI like the look of this product and it is exactly what I was looking for.4
Ikea shopper123Works great as a large trivet. Spot washing is no problem.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Set the table with a little help from nature

SOARÉ place mats are made from dried water hyacinth, a beautiful but fast-growing plant that can clog waterways. By using water hyacinth to make products we help to naturally control their growth.

SOARÉ Place mat, water hyacinth, 15 "

Making business decisions that empower women

The SOARÉ place mat is a popular product—which is the reason it nearly disappeared from store shelves forever. Sales had reached two million pieces a year, a number approaching the impossible when it comes to delivering quality, handmade, natural fiber products. The team responsible for SOARÉ was preparing to replace it with a machine-made alternative. But before they did, they took a trip that changed everything.

“We didn’t make a final decision on what to do until we went to Vietnam and reviewed the whole production process,” says Lillemor Franzén, a member of the SOARÉ team. “And we’re so glad we did, because we saw how SOARÉ is having a positive impact on the people making it. After that, we couldn’t discontinue it. We found another way.” SOARÉ begins its life in the Mekong River. The waterway is teeming with water hyacinth, the vibrantly green plant SOARÉ is made from. But the river is an important transport and trade route too, and water hyacinth grows incredibly fast, doubling its population if left unchecked for just two weeks. That makes it a valuable renewable resource, but also a potential hazard that can clog the river.

Empowering women

People living near the riverbank harvest and dry the water hyacinth and then weave the stalks together. Many women undertake the task in order to keep the river passable, to preserve the tradition of their handicraft and to earn extra money for their families. Lillemor and her colleagues found themselves sitting in the homes of these weavers, listening to stories about their lives and how SOARÉ has made a positive impact.

Making better business decisions

Nearly all of the weavers making SOARÉ are women and they often use the income from their weaving to better their families and give their children new opportunities. “One woman told us that thanks to SOARÉ her daughter is now training to become a teacher,” says Lillemor. “So, this is really good extra income.” The weavers have the freedom to decide how much and how often they work. Usually, two or three gather in one of their homes to work together. They chat, laugh, keep an eye on the farms and look after their children who are too young for school. The older children are in school nearby and come home for lunch, which their mothers prepare and enjoy with them. “I feel so proud working at IKEA when I see this,” says Lillemor, thinking back to the time she spent talking with the weavers. “It gets to your heart, really. And you feel, oh! We are doing good.”


What is water hyacinth?

Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that spreads quickly in tropical waterways. When covering the surface completely, it blocks out sunlight which disrupts biodiversity. Also, local communities suffer as transportation routes are clogged. When harvested, biodiversity is restored and waterways are kept open. The plant itself becomes a resource too. The stalks make a flexible material that can be woven or braided into unique baskets, mats and other home furnishings.