SLÄKT Mattress, folding
SLÄKT Mattress, folding
SLÄKT Mattress, folding
SLÄKT Mattress, folding
SLÄKT Mattress, folding
SLÄKT Mattress, folding

Kids love being on a soft mattress on the floor – this one is great for tumbling, lounging or hanging out with friends. When it’s time to clean up just fold it and tuck it away under SLÄKT bed.

Article Number603.629.65

Product details

Perfect for when a friend sleeps over, and easy to fold up and put away in the morning.The folded pouffe/mattress fits perfectly under SLÄKT bed.Designer

Gustav Carlberg

Article Number603.629.65
  • Ticking/ Fabric:100 %polyester
    Inner fabric:100 % polypropylene
    Comfort filling:Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., 100 %polyester
    Machine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C.Do not dry clean.
  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.


Folded depth: 18 7/8 " (48 cm)

Folded height: 14 " (36 cm)

Length: 76 " (193 cm)

Width: 24 3/8 " (62 cm)

Thickness: 3 1/2 " (9 cm)

    Mattress, foldingArticle no603.629.65

    Width: 21 ¼ " (54 cm)

    Height: 7 ½ " (19 cm)

    Length: 26 ½ " (67 cm)

    Weight: 11 lb 9 oz (5.25 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Love it!claireGot it for my kids room. Great quality. Cute colors. Modular. Perfect for a reading nook.5
A mini nuggetGHISLAINEPerfect for children playing, sitting, crawling up and down5
Great for ChildrenShariGreat to have for sleepovers for your young children.4
compact and comfortablemom2357easy to use and store. comfortable to sleep om4
Great for sleepoversLinzyluMy kids like to sleep in each other’s rooms, especially during early days of COVID isolation. It was perfect and moved from room to room. When not in use tucks nicely under the bed.5
ok for temporary usejacuzzi1963The product was as expected - a thinner mattress that folds up simply. It's probably perfect for younger children age 3-10 years, or very tiny adults. Bigger, heavier adults would not find it comfortable for more than a quick nap.3
chenghpso happy with the product5
Great extra bed for childrenKukla51This was a great occasional bed for kids who are visiting. I love that it takes so little space. The foam is dense and does not flatten. My only complaint is that it is a bit pricey compared to other IKEA products which means I would in fact have given it a 5 for quality.4
Great little bedMaryAnn78A comfy spot for a child to sit when folded or sleep when unfolded.5
Saves my back when sleeping in with my toddlerEdmonton mamaWorks as it's supposed to. Use it as an occasional sleep mat for when my toddler comes in our room to sleep or I go in his. Works well. Much better then the floor5
It"s good but 3 inch wider would be betterVachanIt's good but i feel min 3 inch wider would be good.3
Not suitable for teenager or young adultsFG2019I saw this online and bought at a store (was not available on display unfortunately). When I opened it at home, I realized that It wont fit a grown-up teenager. It is rather narrow and thin. Reason why I am giving 2 stars, it is not expensive and ad should say for KIDS and not intended for sleep over.2
it is perfect for my use .AJ montessorianThis is really nice and perfect for small spaces!5
Not satisfied with the qualitylena38I bought this a month ago and I am not satisfied with it, since the seams parted. I’m not sure it will last another month.3
Just what i neededPaulineKim06Didn't expect this existed in ikea as it was not advertised in the showrooms but this foldable mattress was definitely what I needed in the space under my svarta loft bed for seating and lounging purposes. The foam was nice and firm, i don't feel the floor at all. For daytime use it can convert to this cute little cushion-type chair, complete with backrest, just by simple folding action. What more, it can be used anywhere else around the house or camping! Not sure if it comes in other colours aside from gray, but gray fits all so it's all good. Very happy I found this gem.5
BzynnIt is a multipurpose, useful floor matress. perfect for kids. Made of firm foam.5
Great as portable bedJHinOntarioI have used it at my dad's as my bed when visiting him as he doesn't have an extra bedroom anymore. I think it worked well.4
Foldable mattressAmal00It’s good quality, not to thick and very narrow for one person to sleep but good for kids4
SLÄKT Mattress, folding

Our take on polyester

Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy-care material that is ideal for many home furnishing products like rugs, pillows, quilts, and cushions. The downside to virgin polyester is that it is made from oil, coal, or natural gas. This means that when we use polyester, we exhaust the planet’s natural resources. Our response to this is to replace all virgin polyester with recycled in our products. In 2020, we achieved the milestone of replacing 90% of the virgin polyester used in IKEA textile products and will accelerate the transformation towards the aim of only using recycled polyester throughout the product range.

We ordered a study that focused on children aged 8-12 from all around the world. From that we tried to make something that fitted in both with what kids want, and what the parents think the kids need as well.

A worldwide study on what kids want

Child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Barbie Clarke and her research agency Family Kids & Youth carried out the global study. "Early adolescence is an important phase because it's a slow move towards autonomy and independence,” says Barbie. “There's this huge growth happening that requires a lot of energy. It's not a joke that they really can't wake up in the morning!" One of the big findings was that kids wanted a place to relax and retreat, while still being close to their parents (who still are their biggest influence), even if hanging out with friends is a growing focus. "The bedroom also becomes a place for entertaining with friends. The phrase 'chilling out' was something that we heard around the world. 'Oh, I just want to chill out' is a key desire".

Furniture made to be spontaneous

Building on the research, the work began. We designed SLÄKT to be super modular and adaptable, as well as easy to move around if say a bunch of friends come over. After we tested everything for safety we asked children for their feedback. Then we changed certain designs to be even easier to use and relax with. The kids favorite: a fold out mattress that can be stored under the bed and brought out whenever it’s chill out time. Kids seem to just sort of fall on it. No communication, just 'aaah!'.

Virgin vs recycled polyester

Originally, all polyester was made from oil-based raw materials which are not renewable, but we are switching to only using recycled polyester. The good thing is that polyester can be recycled over and over, without changing or losing its great qualities. When we make products from recycled polyester, we give a second life to material that is not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. Instead, PET bottles and other sources of polyester are used to make textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts and even lamps. Recycled polyester is just as good as virgin polyester in terms of looks, quality and function but requires less than half the energy to produce and lowers CO2 emissions by up to 50%. And the material is just as clean and safe in every way.

Challenges with recycled polyester

Recycled polyester makes us less dependent on oil. The amount we convert is equal to the amount of virgin fossil fuel we eliminate from our polyester raw material (this excludes potential dyeing and other post recycled polyester production treatments). With some exceptions, the challenge is not the conversion of polyester into recycled itself, but to make it available to everyone by keeping it affordable. Buying low environmental impact products often come with a higher price tag. We want to change that by working to make recycled polyester products more affordable and accessible to many people.

Only recycled polyester

IKEA is committed to end the dependency on virgin fossil materials and only use renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We are accelerating this movement for polyester in our range and aim to replace all virgin polyester in our textile products with recycled. In 2020, IKEA replaced 90% of the virgin polyester used in IKEA textile products with recycled polyester. We have not reached our 100% goal yet, but we have come far and overcome many obstacles on the way. These volumes make us an industry leader in converting to recycled polyester and we hope that our decisions can inspire and motivate whole industries to change.

Responsible sourcing

At IKEA, we demand that all recycled polyester used in IKEA products shall come from recyclers that are compliant with the Global Recycled Standard and traceability is secured to the IKEA product through requirements toward the IKEA Suppliers. By only using recycled polyester that meets the Global Recycled Standards we manage to secure social, environmental, and chemical practices at the recycler’s production. We believe that the GRS standard is the best standard on the market today. We work with our partners and textile organizations such as Textile Exchange to further improve standards on recycled materials, including traceability of material beyond the recycling units.

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What is foam?

Foam is excellent as upholstery in seating and mattresses since it provides good comfort and can relieve pressure by moulding to the body. Depending on the properties and feel you’re looking for, there are several qualities to choose from, like high-resilience foam and memory foam. The raw material for foam was previously based entirely on virgin fossil materials. But today, together with our suppliers, we’ve begun developing a material that is renewable and recycled.

Mattress, folding

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SLÄKT Mattress, folding


Mattress, folding