OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "
OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "

OMAR shelf unit makes your pantry look like a professional kitchen. But it isn’t only a kitchen dweller, it works equally well across the home. Add sections and adjust the shelf heights to fit your needs.


Product details

OMAR storage system is easy to assemble – and regardless of what you choose to store, the contents are easy to see and access.Stands evenly on an uneven floor since the feet can be adjusted.Can also be used in bathrooms and other damp areas indoors.If you want to customize your storage, you can complete with accessories from the OMAR series.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Recommended for indoor use only.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Shelf/ Post:Steel, Galvanized
    Foot:Steel, Polyamide, Galvanized
    Shelf unitWipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.
    1 section shelving unitWipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Shelf unitCheck for recycling in your area.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    OMARShelf unitArticle no:100.697.63
    Width: 14 ½ " (37 cm)Height: 4 " (10 cm)Length: 37 ½ " (95 cm)Weight: 20 lb 5 oz (9.22 kg)Package(s): 2
  • Assembly instructionsOMAR Shelf unit100.697.63

Product size

36 1/4 " (92 cm)
14 1/8 " (36 cm)
71 1/4 " (181 cm)


Needed something compact & sturdyGloriaNeeded something compact & sturdy & this is. Now waiting to hear back when the taller shelves are back in stock. It is taking quite a while!5
made in china and it showsSKaaIKEA products used to be the rare products made in europe and not china. that has changed as of recent and this is the first ikea product that I'm extremely unhappy with, and I noticed on the box it said Made in China. Anyway, the edges of the shelves scratched me all over every time the upper part of my hand brushes against it. This has never happened to me with any previous chrome shelves from other stores. Also, all my pantry items keep sliding off the shelves. There is absolutely zero barrier to sort of gently stop items from slipping down as with my previous shelves from other manufacturers.Not good as a pantry shelf at all. If I had a car and if it weren't for this covid situation, I would return this metal piece of junk right away.1
Great piece, easy to assembleShmalinaIt was very easy to assemble and is a perfect addition to my pantry.5
Perfect product!RockawaysirenI’d been looking for shelving for my laundry/furnace room for years (lots of pipes- not a lot of room) but I was able to build this around the pipes! And it’s design means it doesn’t block the walls- good air flow for a damp space. So I went back and got two more to fit into a closet that I use for tools. It’s just such an easy to assemble easy to clean product that looks nice and is durable. With a great price point as well.5
Excellent storageCurvyEmpressI am so happy I was able to purchase this shelving unit to help organize my kitchen. I was easy to assemble by myself. I holds a lot and is very sturdy.5
CrisaoI bought the product 2 weeks ago it was nice and perfect for our pantry.5
DebbyPPerfect for my closet storage !!5
Alice MI needed shelving for my kitchen. This makes effective use of my space while not making a small space feel smaller.5
Perfect pantryAPsinghI bought it about 2 months ago and love it5
Cheap quality, unstable and flimsy! Beware!!SGIKEADon't buy this!!! We bought this for our kitchen and it is so unstable you can never be sure! Had we known this earlier we would not have bought. The price is not worth the product AT ALL! There are much better stands out there. No receipt so IKEA wouldn't even take it back.1
Not stable at all - DO NOT BUY!IKEAAGYou're better off buying something else, this is not stable at all! Sadly I do not have the receipt or packaging and I can't even return it, but not worth the money at all. Sad and disappointed in IKEA.1
elo073I bought it to store food. I really like the overall features. The only thing is that it's not quite stable when I push on it. It may also be that I didn't adjust the legs properly.4
Very space saving storage shelfGood10Very tough metal shelf, good for space saving5
OnelooneyangelGreat affordable product!!5
Organized my storage lockerPattyBenThese are perfect for light to medium weight storage items. Super simple to put together, and looks weather proof. I have them in my storage locker, as I like to keep stuff off the floor, and a shelf is so much more convenient than just stacking boxes into a huge stack. Does the job well for the price!4
Apartment storageR1959Great and sturdy and easy to assemble5
Clean lookSiukOverall,. I'm happy with the purchase4
Stable and easy to assembleMaddi11I bought this for more space in the pantry and it turned out great! Very simple to assemble and is very sturdy. Overall happy with my purchase!5
Perfect for my laundry roomBJ03I bought this so that I could gain extra storage for my laundry room. It fits perfectly in the spot and seems very sturdy.4

1 section shelving unit36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 " (92x36x181 cm)

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OMAR 1 section shelving unit, 36 1/4x14 1/8x71 1/4 "