ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel

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The reusable steel filter has small holes that let oils pass through and gives the coffee a richer character.You can place the filter on a glass, mug, cup, vacuum flask, or carafe.The filter is easy to clean since it consists of three parts that can be separated.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Nike Karlsson

  • Stainless steel
  • ÖVERSTMetal coffee filterArticle no:903.602.34
    Width: 5 ¼ " (13 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 5 ¼ " (13 cm)Weight: 8 oz (0.24 kg)Package(s): 1


slow pour coffeetr4ikeaLove anything that does not take up a lot of space! this is a perfect option for people like me who enjoy slow pour over coffee but don't want to spend a fortune for yet another 'coffee making gadget.5
convinicentAngie888I have a 5 cup coffee maker. Sometimes no one else wants coffee but me. To make just one cup of coffee with the regular coffee maker is a waste and the coffee does not taste good. This product is just perfect for a cup, and it is so easy to clean.5
Metal Coffee Filterdm33177Unfortunately, this filter does not work for us. Going to return it. Found that the water does not drip, but rather pours through giving a very weak taste to the coffee. Instead of dripping through the filter into the cup, the water actually pours through a fast clip. This was suppose to replaced a damaged ceramic filter holder, but I have had to return to it.1
A great idea but...traveller123The metal inner filter looked so fine that I had hoped I wouldn't have to use a paper filter, but found that my cup of coffee contained too many coffee grounds, so I was somewhat disappointed. However, it is easy to clean and isn't made of plastic, both good features.3
Back to BasicsMeh2350Allows for user of paper filter inside which is the best way to filter out any bitter oils and make delicious coffee.4
Worst Coffee I"ve Ever MadeDave OI have a pour over funnel from another manufacturer that works marvelously, but I needed a second, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Perhaps this was meant for tea, but it fails miserably with coffee. The water shoots right through, taking mouthfuls of small coffee grinds with it. I've never had such weak coffee with so many grinds in it. Also, the mount completely blocks your view of the inside of your mug, so you can't see how much coffee you've poured. This product is so bad that I created an account here to write a review in an attempt to save others from making the mistake I did. I expected better from Ikea.1
Too fast flow rateSodiumThe coffee pass through the filter too fast thus not enough time for the flavour to brew. This results on relatively weak coffee2
Great for homemade almond milk!áswaI had read a few reviews ahead of time and held off on purchasing this filter for a while. Eventually my curiosity won over, though, especially since this is a plastic free product, and I make a lot of foods from scratch, so a fine mesh stainless steel strainer plus a very functional metal funnel seemed like a good purchase either way. I did try to use it for coffee first thing, with the coarsest setting on my burr grinder, but the resulting coffee is still a bit gritty as finer grounds do get through the tiny holes in the steel. Now I use it all the time to strain my homemade almond milk. The cotton nut milk bags I’ve used are relatively fragile at the seams, and the only sturdy ones you can find are made from plastic fibre, so this filter is a great alternative for those trying to cut down on the use of plastics in the home and don’t like to get their hands full of almond milk. ;) Also, the funnel is really good in its own right, so this was definitely an excellent purchase for my kitchen, even if not for coffee.4
Use a #4 filterBirdieMooseAs much as it would be amazing to not need a paper filter, it’s still a must with this contraption. We love the durability and simplicity of it, but of course it’s not perfect. It’s best to set it off-centre to prevent pressure from causing it to hiccup. It really does serve the purpose it was intended for and we got rid of our Keurig in favour of having more counter space. We can brew up to a litre at a time, which is plenty for our needs. It might handle more, but we haven’t tried. I totally recommend it for a minimalist.4
Perfect drip coffeeCaribbeanIt makes a perfect cup of drip coffee. Happy I got it.5
looks like it could last foreverjames drinks coffeein 35+ years, i've never seen such best quality and value. bravo. you've done it ikea5
Mesh is too coatseTchemSo lots of grind residue go through. Yuck. Yet it’s a bit too small to put a filter paper. It’s still less residue than a French press, but could be much better.3
LuckydogWorks well with larger mugs. Found that the water flows through too quickly if ground too fine. Other that that, good quality and easy to clean4
Not greattoobadThis coffee filter must be used with a paper filter if you don't want heavy residue in your coffee. It also tends to tilt if you move the cup and everything spills out. Mine is heading to the scrap pile.1
Doesn"t break!whoknewWish that it came with instructions on brewing perfect coffee this way, but happy. the metal is slightly flimsy, but it's not glass, so it's all good.4
environmentally friendly coffee filter systemYoungerbI bought this a week ago and have substituted it for coffee pods. 1 fill to the top makes a cup, so easy to use with no spillage. Soooo easy to clean and ready to use again in minutes.5
Perfect coffee filterRose555Good and fancy thing on you kitchen.5
Could look betterTpr5Durable but don't like the look of spout on bottom3
1050Perfect for a one person cup of coffee fits over different sizes of cups ok.5
handy filterMardy1234Love the look of it, and the design. But we are finding the water runs through way too quickly (compared to other pour-over systems). Quote from my son: nice even mix of watery coffee and coffee grounds at the bottom of every cup. May try using it with coffee filters but was hoping we didn't have to. And the structural base is quite wobbly.3
ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel

A better everyday one cup at a time

Have you had coffee or tea today? Statistically, you most likely have. In fact, these hot brews are the most consumed beverages in the world next after water. They’re a part of life that can give a silver lining to any moment. That’s why we decided to update our selection of products to make that perfect cup – from the tea infuser and the kettle to the milk frother.  Read More
Malin Ljungström, who was involved in developing the range, shares her insights. “To many, the smell of coffee and tea means well-being and a homey feeling. Since we want to improve people’s everyday, we’re offering products that make it possible for more to experience more feelgood moments at home.”

Developing things that make a difference

Malin and her colleagues dug deep into coffee and tea cultures to find out what tools people feel they can’t live without. They talked to specialists and investigated living, eating and drinking habits. “We wanted to develop items that make a difference, so we’ve focused on a few, but carefully selected products,” she states. The team cooperated with IKEA Test Lab in Älmhult, Sweden. It’s an IKEA version of a James Bond lab where prototypes are inspected and evaluated. “A couple of the things we checked were that the thermoses can keep fluids really warm for a long time. And that the glass mugs and glass pots are durable and comfortable, even though they look and feel light and airy,” says Malin.

For all tastes and different wallets

No matter how you enjoy your cup, you’ll find the things that put an extra flavor to your drink in the range. Another good thing is that there’s something for all wallets. “It’s one of our contributions to a better life at home. A way to improve people’s everyday one cup at a time,” concludes Malin.
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Designer thoughts

"We`ve always been interested in coffee and tea and we got to be really nerdy during this assignment. We wanted to make generous, functional and true products that focus on the drink. A kitchen full of gadgets doesn`t make it easier to get the right taste- instead we focused on a few things with really good quality. With these products you can make the perfect cup - and enjoy good coffee and tea whenever you like"

Metal coffee filter, stainless steel

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ÖVERST Metal coffee filter, stainless steel