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LÅNGUDDEN Double bowl dual mount sink, stainless steel,

Price $ 329.00

25 year limited warranty

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25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

Article Number991.574.88

Product details

LÅNGUDDEN inset sink is slightly deeper at the back edge, so you can place things like dish detergent and a brush on the steel edge instead of on your countertop.

Sink made of stainless steel, a hygienic, strong and durable material that's easy to keep clean.

Under the sink is a sound-absorbing material which reduces resonances in the metal when using the sink, thus lowering the sound level.


IKEA of Sweden


Cut-out measurement width: 51 cm (19 7/8 ")

Cut-out measurement length: 73 cm (28 3/4 ")

Large bowl, depth: 18 cm (7 1/8 ")

Large bowl, width: 33 cm (13 ")

Large bowl, front to back: 40 cm (15 3/4 ")

Large bowl, volume: 18.0 l (5 gallon)

Small bowl, depth: 18 cm (7 1/8 ")

Small bowl, width: 33 cm (13 ")

Small bowl, front to back: 40 cm (15 3/4 ")

Small bowl, volume: 18.0 l (5 gallon)

Front to back: 53 cm (20 5/8 ")

Length: 75 cm (29 1/2 ")

Depth: 52.5 cm (20 5/8 ")

  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    LÅNGUDDENArticle Number003.248.82

    Width: 59 cm (23 ")

    Height: 24 cm (9 ½ ")

    Length: 81 cm (32 ")

    Weight: 6.77 kg (14 lb 15 oz)

    Package(s): 1

    LILLVIKENArticle Number503.254.26

    Length: 7 cm (2 ¾ ")

    Weight: 0.22 kg (8 oz)

    Diameter: 12 cm (4 ½ ")

    Package(s): 2

Ratings and reviews

Terrible qualitymarcoroniI had this double bowl sink along with Ikea kitchen cabinets installed by a contractor last year. The sink had minimal use because the renovation dragged on with different contractors and schedules. When I noticed multiple rust spots on the sink a few days ago, I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even washed a single dish in it yet. I brought the sink to Return and Exchange and was told I had to have a receipt. The contractor did all the purchasing and installation, so I don't have any receipts. Now I'm stuck with this rusty sink. To any potential buyers, DO NOT BUY THIS SINK! Don't make the same mistake I did. I have been a fan of Ikea furniture and kitchenware, but this low quality sink has me doubt Ikea's quality standard. I also have multiple Ikea faucets and shower head sets installed in my home, all purchased by the contractor without receipts. Ikea warranty is non-existent for me. I am really worried now.1
Absolute Garbage - Do not buygridoperatorI bought this one year ago, as part of a complete IKEA kitchen rebuild. It scratched on the first use, and had rust stains within a week. You have to clean it when special rust removers almost every 3 days. It looks awful. The stainless is garbage. I'm generally satisfied with my overall Ikea kitchen, my only grievance is with this horrible sink. Frustratingly, I'm stuck with an Ikea sink, since IKEA did not offer a 33 vanity. The choices were 30 or 36, and I couldn't make a 36 cabinet work, so with a 30 cabinet, your inside clearance is only 28.5, which precludes a standard North American sink. So I'm stuck with garbage sinks from IKEA. Very VERY angry with this piece of junk. It's sad to put so much work into a kitchen reno, and have it spoiled by a defective sink with poor quality stainless, that scratches and rusts with every use. The sink might be okay if you never let it get wet, but unfortunately I do use my sink for doing dishes. Avoid at all costs. Buyer beware. And shame on you IKEA for selling something so terrible.1
Worst sink to install everquinnmanThis truly is the worst sink to install that has ever been produced, I am a very handy person and completed basements, decks, fences etc however this is something I would only recommend to an enemy. If you are fitting this to a countertop that is already fixed in place... send it back. Unless you are 3'4 with minute hands you will battle for hours trying to get the clips in place, even when you think they are they will pop out.1
Don't buyANTONELLAI bought this sink three month ago. I've always had stainless steel sinks and cleaning them appropriately with soft cloths and cleaners they never scratched and even after years looked like new. This one just sees a soft sponge and already gets a scratch. It looks terrible after only three month of usage! I'd definitely never buy this product again!1
scratches easilyreno101installed this sink in Jan 2017 in our bar kitchenette. looks beautiful and it's the perfect size. however, it scratches easily so I would not recommend for every day use.2
LÅNGUDDEN Double bowl dual mount sink, stainless steel, 29 1/2x20 5/8 "

Learn more about sinks in stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials for sinks. It’s no surprise since stainless steel is a durable material with a wide range of benefits that make it simple to maintain and thereby extend the life of your sink.

A smart choice for the kitchen

For everything to flow smoothly in the kitchen, it all needs to be practical, easy-care and hygienic. A sink in stainless steel withstands direct contact with hot saucepans or frying pans, without the worry of cracks or chips arising in the sink’s surface. It’s also kind to glass and porcelain that can easily slide around when helpful children take care of the washing up. Furthermore, stainless steel is hygienic since nothing – not even stains or bacteria – can penetrate the impermeable surface. With a damp cloth and mild detergent, you can easily wipe the surface dry.

Do stainless-steel sinks get scratches?

After you start using your new and shiny sink, small thin scratches can soon appear on the surface. It’s completely normal and nothing to worry about since this is a natural property of stainless steel. The material always gets scratches, but you can rest assured that the scratches never run deep. With regular use and care, they even out and become less visible as the sink develops a surface that is more matte over time.

How to take care of my stainless-steel sink?

Wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth and maybe a little mild detergent. Then rinse with water and wipe off with a dry cloth to avoid water stains. Remember to always wipe in the surface’s fibre direction since it gives a finer shine with fewer stains after drying. Never use steel wool, scouring powder, hard or sharp objects that can scratch the stainless-steel surface. By taking care of your sink in stainless steel, it will serve its purpose and look good for many more years.