LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "

The chopping board collects food juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your countertop.

Article Number003.098.29

Product details

The chopping board collects food juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your countertop.Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care, durable natural material that is also gentle on your knives. You can also use the chopping board as a serving tray for food such as cheese or charcuterie.The weight provides a stable base for cutting.Wash this product before using it for the first time.
Article Number003.098.29
  • Bamboo, Oil
    Handwash only.
  • LÄMPLIGChopping boardArticle no003.098.29
    Width: 18 " (46 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 20 ¾ " (53 cm)Weight: 7 lb 0 oz (3.18 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

18 " (46 cm)
20 ¾ " (53 cm)
¾ " (18 mm)

Ratings and reviews

Very easy to useMirandaThis is my second purchase. Back home I had one. Like it very much. Mostly it is price friendly5
Additional spaceKatPerfect for tiny apartment kitchens. Just put over the sink as additional countertop space.5
Great Value and QualityGREGThis was exactly was I was looking for and at a good price. I did have to look through the stock to find the one I wanted. I oiled it as instructed and I think it will stand up to many years of use. I would highly recommend this product.5
LampligRevelinaExactly what I needed. A chopping board that does not move at all. I am happy with my purchase.5
its a large board andRANDYits a large board and it works well. I like the built up edge on the one side5
PerfectMaggiI have an extremely small kitchen. I purchased this to place over my sink to give me more ‘counter’ space while baking/cooking. Works great!5
This is great you turnSYLVIAThis is great you turn it over put it on the counter top with the lip down and it doesn’t slide. Great for rolling dough out. I have been looking for something like that along time. 👍🏽5
Huge cutting boardMICELLEI bought this for my friend. I have had one of these cutting boards for years, it is perfect for rolling out pizza dough or flipping over when carving a Turkey or large roast.5
LampligMazenJust as expected5
Love this board!BETHI bought this board to go on my stove (gas grates) when not in use as extra counter space and to hide my stove if not 100% clean. I move it to the counter to protect it when my stove is in use. It also fits across my sink cutout so I can add extra counter space there - just swing the tsp off to the side. Makes having a small kitchen more functional. Also bought one for our trailer for the same reasons.5
Great Additional Surface for PriceKatherineI’ve been looking for something to put on top of my stove when preparing food for extra countertop space and this is perfect for the price. I ended up buying two and attached one to the wall with hinges to pull down when I need even more surface.5
Bonne qualitéDINOBonne qualité5
Excellent sizeNuryI had been looking for a chopping board big as this one. I am really happy5
Great addition to any kitchenSUSAN S.We've purchased 3 of these now. Two of our friends visiting from out of town loved them so much we gave them ours and purchased another to replace it since we live close to IKEA.5
Real value and quality!ANNAReal value and quality!5
The board is made veryGarnetThe board is made very well and fits well5
Nice product. Good value.VALNice product. Good value.5
RV HackNATHALIEThese are the perfect size to cover the top of an RV gas range providing much needed extra counter space.5
Excellent boardHandypersonI actually don't use this as a cutting board even though it is well made, washes well, and is quite large to process during canning season. I use this as my baking board. The lip is perfect to catch on the table so I can kneed bread, as well as roll out larger batches of biscuits and cookies. My Grandmother had a board along the same design and I am so glad to find one like hers though of a more modern wood, and a smaller size. My kitchen couldn't keep her board. This board is large and finding a space will be a worthwhile challenge. However, if you bake, it is an excellent tool.5
Dianna05I bought a couple of months ago and have use it a few times to cut brisket on.5


What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a grass that can grow up to three feet per day. It spreads quickly and requires hardly no fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo can be woven into fabrics or used as a durable, stable and hard material suitable for furniture. When used for furniture, its properties make it possible to create designs with thin elements using less material. We use woven bamboo for baskets and lampshades and hard bamboo for boxes, chopping boards, tables, chairs and more.

Chopping board, bamboo18x20 ¾ " (46x53 cm)

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LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "