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KARLBY Countertop for kitchen island, oak/veneer,

Price $ 279.00
Regular price: $ 349.00
Price valid Dec 01, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023 or while supply lasts

25 year limited warranty

KARLBY Countertop, birch/veneer, 98x1 1/2 "
KARLBY Countertop for kitchen island, oak/veneer, 74x42x1 1/2 "
KARLBY Countertop for kitchen island, walnut/veneer, 74x42x1 1/2 "

How to get it

This wood countertop combines the best of solid wood and veneer. With efficient use of natural resources, it offers a unique pattern and a durable surface that can be sanded. Available to take home today.

Article Number502.976.40

Product details

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

You can cut the countertop to the length you want and cover the edges with the 2 included edging strips.

Good environmental choice, because the method of using a top layer of wood on particleboard is resource-efficient.

Countertop with a thick oak veneer, a durable natural material that can be sanded and surface treated when required.

Layer construction adds stability and makes the countertop less sensitive to humidity, thus, less likely to bend, split or crack than solid wood.

For quick installation and easy maintenance the countertop is pre-treated with hard wax oil.

The countertop has a narrow stave design that gives it a timeless and versatile look that complements both modern and traditional kitchens.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Oak is an exceedingly strong and durable hardwood with a prominent grain. It darkens beautifully with age acquiring a golden-brown undertone.

    Not suitable for use in damp rooms.

    Please note that the actual colours of our products may vary slightly from the colours shown online.

    Every countertop is unique, with varying grain pattern and natural color shifts that are part of the charm of wood.

    2 edge bands, 110 cm each, included.

  • Material
    Top/ Edge:
    Thick oak veneer, Oil-acrylic
    Back side:
    Main parts:

    To ensure that your countertop ages gracefully, treat it regularly with STOCKARYD wood treatment oil; it gives the surface a beautiful sheen, protects the wood and prolongs the life of the countertop.

    The countertop surface is pre-treated at the factory with hard wax oil. Due to the nature of the material, treat the edges and cut-outs with STOCKARYD wood treatment oil, prior to installation.

  • Supporting legs are required when an overhang exceeds 10". The maximum distance between these legs should not be more than 32".


Length: 188 cm (74 ")

Depth: 106.7 cm (42 ")

Thickness: 3.8 cm (1 1/2 ")

  • KARLBYArticle Number502.976.40

    Width: 113 cm (44 ½ ")

    Height: 5 cm (1 ¾ ")

    Length: 196 cm (77 ¼ ")

    Weight: 46.91 kg (103 lb 7 oz)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Great counter topRandyGreat counter top5
Awesome countertop!DavidExcellent countertop. Unlike other countertop suppliers it comes with finished ends as well as 2 ends to cover up a cut.5
Products are best qualityPoojaProducts are best quality5
Amazing price and great qualityMichaelI picked this up in the as is section. To be honest I'm not even sure why it was discounted so much because it's a beautiful countertop. I'm using it as a desk on top of two Alex drawer units. It's perfect for my office.5
Yellow colour not “birch”GregBought Karlby birch veneer this week for a desktop and had to pick up at counter in box only to open it at home 2 hours away to find its very yellow on colour like varnished pine, not the IKEA birch blonde look I was hoping for. Too much variation in product. Long return. Open before taking home.2
Wood I recommendBillSuper easy to assemble and very comfortable.5
Just perfectLeeJust perfect5
I love these counter tops!BenI love these counter tops! I've been using one for years as a desktop. I got an additional one to expand my desk space and I am very happy with it!5
KarlbyRodolfoExcellent product for quick jobs5
Upgraded the Office Tons!JayneLove this desktop…paired with two sets of Alex drawers and are very satisfied! Low cost way to make a big impact in your home office space. 10/10 would recommend!5
PerfectDwightIt was perfect. Had to cut it easy to do great price.5
Countertop stains very easy, theTracyCountertop stains very easy, the end pieces for where a cut are made do not stick well enough keep coming off. Thought they would have more real wood .1
rough surface finishDerekbought one of these with the walnut finish for a computer desk setup, but the surface feels like sandpaper, cant even wipe it with a cloth without it ripping it apart! I spent the extra $$$ expecting better quality over the cardboard pressed tabletops so I'm quite disappointed. I couldn't imagine using this as a countertop in a kitchen, eek.2
Looks beautifulNiloofarLooks beautiful5
Hugely disappointed.AlanAfter having installed the counter top (including cut out for sink etc.) and the kitchen backsplash being tiled - but counter top never used - the Karlby counter top developed a crack in one area and another imperfection in the wood. I don’t know if this is because of the way they veneer these, rather than being solid wood. IKEA warranty only replaces the item, so now I have a significant bill for plumbing and tiling if I replace it. There’s no good option here.1
Replacement Dining TabletopSimonOur family has recently expanded and our beloved dining table just wasn’t big enough for all of us to sit down together for a meal. We purchased the Karlby countertop and fitted it directly to our dining table. Problem solved!5
We had some issues cuttingAshleyWe had some issues cutting perfectly to fit and find the edging pieces don’t stick. But overall like the product.4
Love these counter tops!StephanieLove these counter tops!5
We bought this to useLisaWe bought this to use as a desk top and it's perfect for the job5
Karlby countertopKimThis countertop is a lovely colour and it's very solid. Easy to clean and maintain. I highly recommend it.25

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Better countertops with fewer trees

At IKEA we have a tradition of trying to utilize materials in the best possible way. For our countertops in thick veneer it means that we combine old craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods. It makes the countertops easier to install, more stable and more resistant to humidity compared to solid countertops. And since we use the whole tree – even the crooked branches and the small twigs – we can save natural resources too.

KARLBY Countertop for kitchen island, oak/veneer, 74x42x1 1/2 "

Better countertops by using wood smartly

Wood is a precious natural resource. Even though it’s a renewable material it needs to be handled responsibly. One way to do it, is to use the wood more efficiently. That’s what we do with our kitchen countertops in thick wood veneer.

“At IKEA we have a tradition of trying to utilize the materials we have in the best possible way,” says Johnny Rietz, who’s been involved in developing the kitchen countertops in thick veneer. The work started in 2008 when IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, visited one of our suppliers and asked a simple question that took some time to answer: ‘How can we make this product using fewer trees?’

Less is more

“After some trials and errors, we came up with the solution. A core of particleboard and a layer of solid wood on the outside – or thick veneer,” says Johnny. “It’s a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing methods. Paper-thin veneer has been used in fine, decorative furniture making for centuries, but for our countertops we’re using a much thicker layer of wood.” The thick veneer makes the surface hardwearing, and it saves raw material – a lot of it. From the same amount of wood needed to make one solid countertop, it’s possible to produce five thick veneer countertops.

No wood is wasted

Another advantage with this production technique is that you can use the whole tree; the stem as surface, and scrap bits – curvy, bent branches and small twigs – for the particleboard on the inside. The end result is a countertop that is every bit as genuine as solid wood, only more stable and more resistant to humidity. “Sometimes a small, harmless question can make a big difference. That’s exactly what happened with our kitchen countertops. It started as a challenge to use resources wiser, and proved to have positive effects not only for the environment, but also the quality. I think it’s great when that happens!” says Johnny.


What is veneer?

A veneer is a thin wooden sheet fixed on things like particleboards to add a durable surface and a natural wood look – so we enjoy the many benefits of wood without using solid wood. The most common veneer types are birch, ash, oak and beech and we’ve made a special UV lacquer that helps preserve the wood's natural structure. A benefit with a slightly thicker veneer is how you can repair and sand the surface if it’s damaged to give furniture a longer and more beautiful life.


Built and tested to last

We believe that our kitchen countertops should meet your highest demands when it comes to design and performance, without compromise. That’s why we test our countertops, and put them up against the everyday challenges they’ll face in your kitchen: liquids, oil, food, steam, heat, bumps and scratches. When they’ve passed our testing, we know they’ll last, and we guarantee it with our 25 year limited warranty.