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Our meatballs were launched in 1985 and are loved by people everywhere. With mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, they’re as Swedish as it gets. Easy to cook and serve – a tasty IKEA icon.

Article Number904.992.07

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Served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, HUVUDROLL meatballs are as Swedish as it gets. Every year, they are eaten and loved by millions of people around the world.

A tasteful icon from IKEA since 1985. Gently seasoned to enhance the meat flavour and are great to enjoy with traditional condiments or in new combinations.

Meatballs should taste like meat. That’s why we’ve seasoned the beef and pork gently with only a few ingredients, every one of them enhancing the meat flavor even more.

Easily prepared from frozen in minutes. In the oven, in the microwave or on the stove.

Easily portioned. Prepare the amount needed, leave the rest in the freezer.

Just as tasty warm as they are cold, e.g. cut in half as a sandwich topping.

Article Number904.992.07


Net weight: 2 lb 3 oz (1000 g)

    MeatballsArticle no904.992.07

    Width: 11 " (28 cm)

    Height: 3 " (8 cm)

    Length: 11 " (28 cm)

    Weight: 2 lb 4 oz (1.02 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Very easy to set up and deliciousCHUAN H.Very easy to set up and delicious. Same as the restaurant at IEKA.5
We like these meatballs moreANNEWe like these meatballs more than any others we have tried. I like to keep them on hand as they are easy to prepare when time is short and they are always tasty.5
Good ValueDougGood value and excellent plant based alternative to meat balls.4
Meat ballsAshleyAbsolutely yummy5
Ikea meatballDIXONGood with tomato sauce and cheese4
Convenient and good tasteCHINGConvenient and good taste5
Very tastyJENNIFERVery tasty5
MeatballsDebThese are excellent with the package gravy4
YummyShanemaraEasy to prepare and delicious!!5
DelishFarnoushVery delish5
Oh so goodKENThey are so good. Easy to prepare. Gravy is excellent as well5
Delicious with gravySimoneEasy to prepare and almost addictive with the gravy.5
great tastingAarongreat tasting5
Great meatballsMarioWhen I have a chance I stop at IKEA and get meatballs, sauce and cinnamon buns… love them!5
Good tasteENGELGood taste5
Meaty meatballsKimTasty & delicious, cooked with cabbage & oyster sauce resembling a Chinese dish called Lion Head. Good stuff.5
Absolute favouriteErikaI am Nordic and these remind me of my grandmother’s meatballs.5
Great dinner item!WarrenFast and easy and tasty and filling! Great dinner or even a lunch item! Sauce is easy to make and delicious!5
Yum...our favour family go to to make a quick meal for the kids..JANICEMy kids love these, great item to get for quick meals on the go. Me and my husband give it thumbs up as well.5
HUVUDROLL Meatballs, frozen, 2 lb 3 oz

A buffet of good

Today’s recipe for the classic IKEA meatball rolled out from our test kitchen already in 1985. Since then, the IKEA meatball has become an icon on plates around the world and a proud example of traditional Swedish cooking. But, when we asked customers on three different continents what food they prefer, we realized we had to extend our meatball family with tasty alternatives.

“Not everyone eats beef or pork, so we went into the kitchen to create new recipes,” says David Johansson, chef and product developer at IKEA Food Services. First came the chicken ball – an alternative for those who like meat, but not necessarily red meat. “Like all our meatballs it’s just as good hot as cold, and we’ve seasoned it gently so it fits different cuisines and local flavors.”

Heated arguments

Severin threw himself into the job of creating the perfect meatball recipe, a challenge that involved long and passionate discussions with his team and Ingvar Kamprad. Even within Sweden, opinions vary greatly on how a meatball should taste. Between Ingvar hailing from the south, and Severin a couple of dialects north, there were deeply rooted disagreements about what a real Swedish meatball should taste like.

Cold facts

Over the course of 10 months, Severin hardly left the kitchen. He was totally engulfed and put his heart and soul into finding the right recipe. He not only had to create a meatball that tasted good, he had to create one that could be made in batches of more than 300 kg each.

More than 1 billion sold every year

Nearly a year after the project started, IKEA restaurants began serving the IKEA version of Swedish meatballs. Each time a new IKEA store opened, Severin could see thousands of people lining up to be served. “It warms my heart to know I had a small piece of doing something tasty for a lot of people. The meatball embodies so much of the IKEA culture: it’s convenient, it’s Swedish, and it’s for the many. And after so many years, it’s still on the menu at every IKEA store in the world.”

Favorites against climate change

Sustainability was also a reason to create new options. “With the veggie ball we wanted to offer something as appreciated as the classic meatball, but plant-based and with less environmental impact,” explains David. The veggie ball has a carbon footprint that is 20 times lower than the classic meatball, the chicken ball has a carbon footprint that is four times lower. With more alternatives you can not only choose between more favorites, you can also decide how big environmental impact your meal should have.

New flavors in a classic shape

The latest, but not the last, member of the IKEA meatball family is the salmon and cod ball. It contains pieces of salmon that are too small to be used as whole fillets. “And since it’s very tasty meat, we thought, why not make delicious fish balls of it instead?” says David. He also tells about a coming addition to the family. It will be made of plant-based proteins, but taste and look like meat. That’s good news for meat lovers who want to eat more sustainably from time to time. “A lot has happened since 1985. Now, there are eatable IKEA icons for more of the many people. No matter if you’re flexitarian, vegan, have dietary needs or cultural preferences.”

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With a taste of Sweden

If Sweden were a taste, it would taste like HUVUDROLL meatballs. Since we launched our meatballs in 1985, they are eaten and loved every year by millions of people everywhere. To enhance the meat flavour, they are gently seasoned. Either serve them classically with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam, a dish with both harmony and flavour contrasts – or choose new, more unexpected combinations. Regardless of how they’re enjoyed, our meatballs are always a tasty icon!