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DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, dark gray,

Price $ 89.00
Key features
Light filtering
DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, dark beige, 57x98 "
DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, dark blue, 57x98 "
DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, dark gray, 57x98 "
DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, gray-green, 57x98 "
DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, white, 57x98 "

How to get it

These timeless dark grey curtains in natural crushed linen offer privacy and bring a casual vibe to your room. The fabric suits any season, and falls gently while allowing light and air to pass through.

Article Number805.191.40

Product details

The curtains lower the general light level and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room.

This curtain provide privacy, while letting daylight through, and helps you feel connected with the world outside the window.

Durable and timeless linen with an irregular texture that feels firm but gets softer after each wash. Ideal for any season as the natural fibres breathe and allow air to pass through and circulate.

Curtains with heading tape allow you to hang the curtain directly on the curtain rod using the rod pocket or tabs. You can also hinge the curtain onto a track rail using gliders and hooks.

The heading tape makes it easy for you to create pleats using RIKTIG curtain hooks.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Curtain, 1 pair included.

    The measurement applies to each curtain panel.

    Use SY iron-on hemming strip to shorten the curtains without sewing.

  • Material
    100 % linen

    Shrinkage maximum 4%.

    Machine wash, warm, durable-press cycle.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Iron high.

    Do not dry clean.


Length: 250 cm (98 ")

Width: 145 cm (57 ")

Weight: 1.30 kg (2 lb 14 oz)

Area: 3.63 m² (39.07 sq feet)

Package quantity: 2 pack

  • DYTÅGArticle Number805.191.40

    Width: 18 cm (7 ")

    Height: 6 cm (2 ¼ ")

    Length: 37 cm (14 ½ ")

    Weight: 1.40 kg (3 lb 1 oz)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

70% light filtering, 90% heat blockingDaniel H.I've had the white Dytag linen curtains for a couple of years, doing light filtering duties over west facing window walls. According to my light meter, these curtains block 70% of the light, but it blocks maybe 90% of the infrared heat from direct sun. That's better than any solar window film or triple pane low-e window, with the benefit of a nice glow in direct sunlight. In comparison, I tried the Hilja light filtering curtains. They only block 65% of the light, but don't generate the nice diffuse light-panel effect that the Dytag does. Also, the polyester Hilja only blocks less than half of the infrared heat.5
Don’t recommendTeresaDon’t recommend1
Beautiful DrapesMichelleI have bought 4 sets in total both the white and gold beige, originally I bought 2 sets and I liked them so much I purchased them for another room in the condo.5
I like them and I don'tCathie I.I am surprised how much fluffy lint comes off them. The dryer vent screen had puffs of lint that looked like cotton balls piled high. Ok if it's only contained to the dryer. After washing and drying, I notice that when opening and closing the curtains I can see many lint fibres floating off the curtain into the air. I hope this settles down, although I somehow don't think it will due to the slightly scratchy/rough nature of the fabric. Not quite sure how I'm going to handle this.3
They create a diffused lightMELISSAThey create a diffused light in the room. They look very beautiful. Hang nicely.5
DisappointedKRISTA B.Was really hoping these would work out as i've been on the hunt for an affordable white linen curtain... they are much too yellow for my room... so sad. otherwise, not a bad option.1
Pretty linen curtainsSuzanneSlightly off white in color, beautiful slightly sheer linen, hangs nicely.5
I like the material andHassibullahI like the material and mostly the color of it!5
Love themRAYThey look great in my living room. Very satisfied with the end results. Wish they were a little longer in width but ended up buying two sets for my patio doors.5
Terrible. Not usable after washingNatalie G.I don’t understand the rave reviews. I purchased 4 pairs and washed these lightly following the instructions before hemming them because it stated there would be shrinkage. They came out a shrivelled mess. They do not iron well and they blow out clouds of lint whenever I move them. They’re completely unusable.1
Cool sheers that let light.KashiLook and feel rich. The quality is superb!5
Love my Dytag curtainsGLENDAThe Dytag curtains have transformed my living room. The linen drapes so well.1
Gorgeous, but they shed like crazyDAVID C.Lovely colours and texture, but allergy sufferers beware - these shed fibres like crazy. Instructions say not to tumble dry however I recommend running them on an air dry cycle for an hour or two to get some of the loose fibres off. You’ll need to empty your lint trap 2-3 times during the cycle because it will absolutely fill up. Otherwise, great product. Love the rust colour.4
Beautiful draperyDorothyBeautiful drapery5
CurtainsJoëlleI bought these cause I liked the look and the material but needed to get curtain liners to make it darker for my bedroom. Now they are so romantic and perfect5
Terrific curtainsJoanneBeautiful linen curtains! The quality is excellent. Absolutely wash before hanging as they did shrink as stated 4%5
GreatSUSANANice quality!!5
Excellent produitLYNDAExcellent produit5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Curtains that fall just as they should

DYTÅG linen curtains filter the light from the outside and give your room a warm and snug feel. To make the curtains fall softly, already when you hang them up, we’re using a method where the linen fabric goes through a method that showers the linen fabric with hot air. It has the same softening effect as a wash but reduces the consumption of both water and chemicals.

DYTÅG Curtains, 1 pair, dark gray, 57x98 "

Curtains that fall just as they should

DYTÅG linen curtains have several important tasks. They filter the light from the outside, give a little privacy and contribute with a warm and snug feeling. And for the linen fabric to get just the right soft fall, we use… air.

Linen textiles have been used for thousands of years and are still appreciated today. Our product developer, Alexander van der Spree, is a dedicated fan. “I love linen. It’s easy to care for, hard-wearing, and durable – and only gets more beautiful and softer the more you use and wash it.

Hot air replaces water

But when a linen fabric is completely new, it can feel a bit stiff, and it takes a couple of washes before it has that soft feel and elegant fall you want in a curtain. “Linen products are often washed already when they are manufactured to become softer, but we discovered a method that showers the curtain with hot air to get the same softening effect as a wash” says Alexander. The method means that your newly bought curtains fall softly and evenly already when you hang them up – and less water and chemicals are used. Later, when you wash your curtains, they only become more beautiful. If you prefer a relaxed and washed feel, you can hang them up straight away without ironing the natural creases.

A comfortable light and a cozy feel

DYTÅG curtains are available in several colours and are easy to match with different styles. Alexander explains how they also give a special light depending on which colour you choose. “The slightly irregular structure of the linen filters the sunrays through the curtains and lets in a comfortable and warm light. It gives your room a natural and cosy feel.”