ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Mix for cream sauce
ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Mix for cream sauce

Easily prepared in minutes. Mix with water in a saucepan and heat.

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Easily prepared in minutes. Mix with water in a saucepan and heat.Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam is Sweden’s No.1 dish.Cream sauce should be creamy and aromatic. That’s why every flavor in our mix for cream sauce is released when you add the cream and heat.Make your sauce more exciting. Mix with spices like green peppercorn, herbs like thyme, or your favorite mustard.For information about the product including ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, please see the images of the product package.IKEA always strives to provide you correct information, but over time it is possible that ingredients and product labels may change for our food.We therefore ask you to always check the product label on the package before use and not rely solely on the information provided on the website.
Article Number703.543.09
  • ALLEMANSRÄTTENMix for cream sauceArticle no703.543.09
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Ratings and reviews

LumpsAliceI followed the recipe but there were lumps and I end up using a mixer. I’ll try mixing it before heating next time. But it tastes as good as the one at the restaurant.4
Versatile sauceChristinaThis is my go-to quick sauce for all my roasts. I make it as instructed or make it right in the roasting pan to get all the extra goodness of the roasted bits.5
Excellent I love it withAnneExcellent I love it with your meatballs and use it with other meat preparations5
Delicious and easy to prepareSTEVENDelicious and easy to prepare5
Quick....East....& Tasty....DONPleased at the texture and taste of this easy to make this light sauce.4
Allemansratten sauce.VernaThis is the sauce I make every time I make the IKEA frozen meatballs. Very very good.5
Sauce for meatballMariaEasy to cook and handy for busy mom4
Cream SauceLindalilly0I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this product tasted. We enjoyed it over meatballs, of course...and Ikea frozen mashed potatoes.5
GravyMom DThis is so great on fries or schnitzel5
Very goodKatferroIt was as I got the cream sauce fresh from the ikea restaurant5
A must-have if you buy the meatballsTooBusyToCookPurchased with the meatball deal or alone, this is a great tasting sauce. Quick and easy!5
Good place to shopCream Sauce, handy to use and tastes fine4
QuinnVery tasty & versatile. Can use with a variety of meals!5
NairyyyGrabbed this item on a whim. It's a nice sauce with a unique flavour. I added a splash of heavy cream, a bit of butter, and a pinch of black pepper to elevate it, and I encourage others to do so as well because it tasted great.4
Adequate amountStruppi NebraskaEnjoyed the taste and brings out the flavor of the product that it's being used with.4
Yummy gravyfzr0930Glad we bought the gravy to try. Loved it!5
ManuManu2nice taste, consistent with the Ikea restaurant.4
Wonderful gravy!Anonymous reviewerI bought this recently and tried for the first time and loved it! I have bought several more packages since and will continue to use. Delicious flavor!5
ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Mix for cream sauce

Making meatballs for everyone

The IKEA meatball is a taste of Swedish culture. But not everyone eats meat. So we talked to people from Asia, Europe and North America. What flavors do they like, what kind of culinary choices do they make? Then we created a vegetable ball. But to appeal to as many as possible, this was not enough. So we created a chicken ball, too. All varieties, together with the essential sidekicks of cream sauce and mashed potatoes, make the ALLEMANSRÄTTEN series.

Annika Dunnico helped develop the products. “If you’re flexitarian, vegan, have dietary needs based on cultural beliefs, or just want to have your pick. It’s every person’s right to be able to experience this traditional food from IKEA, no matter who you are,” says Annika. In addition to her favorite—the classic pork and beef meatball—she’s a big fan of one ball in particular. “I think the veggie ball is absolutely fantastic. You can do so many different things with it,” she says, going on to explain it was created to adapt well to different cultural cuisines like curry or BBQ.

Offering a more sustainable choice

Sustainability was a big reason Annika and her team developed new options, too. Meat production contributes to climate change, and one way to combat that is with our food choices. Eating vegetarian meals more often can have a positive impact on our environment. The chicken ball has a carbon footprint that’s more than five times lower than the classic meatball, and the veggie ball is even more climate friendly, with a carbon footprint 30 times lower. Both the chicken and veggie balls are also lower in fat and calories, making them healthier options too. “Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian you may want these options,” says Annika. “People are just looking to find an appealing offer. We are world famous for our meatball, and now we’ve adapted it so everybody can enjoy it.”

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Mix for cream sauce

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ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Mix for cream sauce


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