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IKEA Sell-back program

Every year, millions of pieces of secondhand furniture go to waste. That’s why we’re buying back your used IKEA furniture, to give chairs, shelves or chests of drawers as many lives as possible.

With the IKEA Sell-back program, IKEA Family members can receive in-store credit and give unwanted furniture a second life. This way you allow someone else to enjoy your second-hand IKEA furniture instead of having to buy something brand new.

What your used furniture is worth will vary, but you’ll get more in-store credit for pieces that are in better condition or like-new.

    How the IKEA Sell-back program works

    1. Send us 4 or more photos of the item that you would like to sell*.
    2. Allow 5 business days for an assessment, then check your application status. If the item is still processing, please wait 1 day and check again.
    3. If your application is approved, bring your fully assembled IKEA item to your selected store, along with your IKEA Family card and unique application code to get your in-store credit.
    4. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a good deed. You’re helping us prolong product life, promote second hand furniture and waste less. Thanks for contributing to a more circular IKEA and to becoming people and planet positive!

    What second hand IKEA furniture does IKEA buy back?

    IKEA products that qualify for sell-back must be:

    • In good, resellable condition
    • Listed below as eligible
    • Complete and fully functional
    • Properly assembled when returned
    • Clean and unmodified

    Second hand furniture IKEA buys back

    The specific products that are eligible for the sell-back program are listed here but will include the following:

    • Dressers
    • Office drawer cabinets
    • Small structures with drawers
    • Display storage
    • Sideboards
    • Bookcases and shelf units
    • Small tables
    • Multimedia furniture
    • Cabinets
    • Dining tables and desks
    • Chairs and stools (not upholstered)

    Second hand furniture IKEA doesn’t buy back

    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept items from the categories listed below. However, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve our services so do check back in the future.

    • Non-IKEA products
    • Those that have been used outside, including outdoor furniture
    • Hacked or modified products
    • Market hall items, including accessories and decorations and lighting fixtures
    • Mattresses and bed textiles such as blankets and mattress protectors
    • Bed frames
    • Sofas and armchairs
    • Other soft furnishings such as pillows, towels, rugs, etc.
    • Items that contain glass
    • Kitchens including benchtops, cabinets and fronts
    • PAX wardrobes and accessories
    • Other over-sized items
    • Appliances or other electrical items
    • Children’s and baby product such as cribs, mattresses and changing tables

     Frequently asked questions

    • For a complete list of products that we accept and for a complete list of products that we are not currently accepting click here.

    • All IKEA stores in Canada are participating in the IKEA Sell-back program. IKEA Canada Design Studios and Pick-up locations do not participate in the IKEA Sell-back program.

    • You can purchase second-hand IKEA furniture at the Circular Hub in the IKEA store nearest you. For more information on Circular Hub and to reserve an item at your local IKEA from the Circular Hub click here.

    • Prior to heading to the store with your item, please check your application status online to see if the item is approved or not. If your item is not approved, you can learn why it was not approved by checking your application status. The store will not accept items that have not been submitted online via the official application form.

    • No, the IKEA Sell-back program is available all year, however during Green Friday we are offering 1.5x the Sell-back value from November 1 - 14.