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RÅGRUND series

Made from bamboo, our RÅGRUND series brings a fresh, natural look to your bathroom and some naturally smart ideas, too. The chair is also a towel rack and shelf, the mirror has knobs for things like jewellery and the triangular shelf units are great for corners or even under a wash-basin.

A laundry nook with a curtain and a washing machine, organised with various pieces of RÅGRUND storage furniture in bamboo.
A RÅGRUND bench in natural bamboo with a pillow on the top shelf and two small bamboo storage boxes on the lower shelf.
A RÅGRUND trolley in natural bamboo with three shelves filled with a white box and small laundry accessories.
A RÅGRUND towel rack chair in natural bamboo. It is standing next to a bathtub and in front of a light green wall.
Two RÅGRUND wash-basin corner shelves in bamboo. The six shelves are filled with white towels and toiletries.
A close-up up of many green and fresh bamboo grass blades, put together in a bunch and cut in the edges.

Why we love bamboo

Bamboo is renewable, recyclable and durable – it’s a great material for many products. It is also a fast, naturally re-growing grass which rarely needs to be replanted once cut down. Bamboo is green in every way.

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