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TOSTERÖ Cover for furniture set, dining set/black,

Price $ 89
TOSTERÖ Cover for furniture set, dining set/black, 215x135 cm
TOSTERÖ Cover for furniture set, table and chairs/black, 100x70 cm

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This waterproof cover extends the life of your 6-seat garden dining set. It protects against rain, sun, dirt and dust – so you can sit immediately without needing to clean the furniture beforehand.

Article Number602.923.26

Product details

TOSTERÖ waterproof cover will protect your outdoor furniture from rain, sun, dirt, dust and pollen when not in use.

Protecting your outdoor furniture with a waterproof cover is an easy and effective way to keep it looking fresh and new for longer.

The hook-and-loop straps ensure the cover stays in place on windy days.


IKEA of Sweden

  • The cover is not reversible. The glossy side must always face inwards, towards the furniture.

    Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

    This cover is 215x135x105 cm. It fits an outdoor dining set with 1 table and 6 chairs.

  • Material
    100 % Synthetic rubber, 100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)

    To prevent condensation from forming, leave the cover open slightly at the bottom for air to circulate.

    Make sure the furniture is completely dry before putting the cover on.


    Wash by hand, max 40°C.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dryclean.


Length: 215 cm

Width: 135 cm

Height: 105 cm

  • TOSTERÖArticle Number602.923.26

    Length: 37 cm

    Weight: 1.88 kg

    Diameter: 21 cm

    Package(s): 1

Not really suitableChee C.Its too big for the ikea outdoor table that I had bought earlier. There was no other size as the other only available was even bigger3
Great quality and the sizeNickGreat quality and the size I I could not find anywhere else by comparison5
Nice oneCAROLINVery good quality5
Nice coverSATISHNice cover5
Very practicallucileVery practical5
Good size and fabricJANGood size and fabric5
IKEA has it coveredterryThis is a product great quality especially for the price We bought this to cover our outdoor setting (not IKEA 🥺🙄) but it fits perfectly. For the bar table and chairs - great !! Thanks IKEA !!5
Very Happy keeps out sideAnneVery Happy keeps out side furniture clean and dry .5
Great qualityLeonieGreat quality5
Toasting the TosteroJanetI've used the Tostero outdoor furniture cover and umbrella cover. Both held up under sunny conditions - I'm still using them. The elastised edges of the furniture cover which I tucked under the legs of the furniture held in place in windy conditions. Great value for money especially when as they extend the working lives of your more valuable furniture.5
tostero outdoor furniture coversusanExcellent product. Have two different sizes for two size chairs and they are great. Pity there isn't one available for your L-shape wooden outdoor setting?5
Love themMeaghanPurchased these to cover our outdoor chairs. They are great. Thick, long, cord down the bottom to keep them down, fits overs chairs easily5
Outdoor furniture coverMichaelEarly days material looks and feels robust with tie downs for windy weather4
Value for moneyAlanValue for money5
Value for moneyPatriciaValue for money5
Great coverMarleneGreat cover5
outdoor setting coverLinda N.good quality and great value. Very pleased with this5
Table outdoor slip coverlisamarshPerfect fit for the table and chairs5
Good coverageMoneenBeen using for a month now, protects my outdoor furnitures well. Hopefully can stand Melbourne windy weather. Thick material compared to lower price online.4
Great waterproof cover.NindExcellent cover for out door protection.5
TOSTERÖ Cover for furniture set, dining set/black, 215x135 cm

Our take on polyester

Polyester is a durable, wrinkle-resistant and easy-care material that is ideal for many home furnishing products like rugs, pillows, quilts and cushions. The downside to virgin polyester is that it is made from oil, coal or natural gas. This means that when we use virgin polyester, we are exhausting the planet’s natural resources. Our response to this, is to replace all virgin polyester with recycled in our products. In 2020, we achieved the milestone of replacing 79% of the virgin polyester used in IKEA textile products and will accelerate the transformation towards the aim of only using recycled polyester throughout the product range where polyester is used.

Virgin vs recycled polyester

Originally, all polyester was made from oil-based raw materials which are not renewable but we are switching to only using recycled polyester. The good thing is that polyester can be recycled over and over, without negatively affecting the quality of our products. When we make products from recycled polyester, we give a second life to material that is not biodegradable and reduce the amount that may otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. Instead, PET and other sources of polyester are used to make textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts and even lamps. Recycled polyester is just as good as virgin polyester in terms of looks, quality and function, and produces about 50% less in CO2 emissions. And the material is just as clean and safe in every way.

Some challenges with recycled polyester

Recycled polyester makes us less dependent on oil. The amount we convert, is equal to the amount of virgin fossil fuel we eliminate from our polyester raw material (this excludes potential dyeing and other post recycled polyester production treatments). With some exceptions, the challenge is not the conversion of polyester into recycled itself, but to make it available to everyone by keeping it affordable. Buying low environmental impact products often comes with a higher price tag. We want to change that by working to make recycled polyester products more affordable and accessible to the many people.

Only recycled polyester

IKEA is committed to end the dependency on virgin fossil materials and only use renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We are accelerating this movement for polyester in our range and aim to replace all virgin polyester in our textile products with recycled. In 2020, IKEA replaced 79% of the virgin polyester used in IKEA textile products with recycled polyester. In volume, this means we converted 130,000 metric tonnes of recycled polyester, and saved 200,000 tonnes of virign polyester. We haven’t reached our 100% goal yet, but we have come far and overcome many obstacles on the way. These volumes make us a leader in converting to recycled polyester and we hope that our decisions can inspire and motivate whole industries to change.

Responsible sourcing

At IKEA, we demand that all recycled polyester used in IKEA products shall come from recyclers that are compliant with the Global Recycled Standard and traceability is secured to the IKEA product through requirements toward the IKEA Suppliers. By only using recycled polyester that meets the Global Recycled Standards we manage to secure social, environmental and chemical practices at the recycler’s production. We believe that the GRS standard is the best standard on the market today. We work with our partners and textile organisations such as Textile Exchange to further improve standards on recycled materials, including traceability of material beyond the recycling units.


What is recycled polyester?

When we create products from recycled polyester, PET bottles and other sources of polyester get a new life in products like textiles, storage boxes, kitchen fronts and even lamps. When using them, you get to enjoy exactly the same quality and function as with virgin polyester products. And naturally, they’re just as clean and safe in every way. And perhaps the very best part – you contribute to using less new raw materials too.