SILL MATJES Matjes herring fillets, 250 g

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This seafood has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability.The herring is a small ocean fish, living in shoals of up to 500 million fish. Serve as it is, or with boiled potatoes, sour cream and chives.
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150 g
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250 g


Delicious herringIvonneLove Scandinavian breakfasts and it is not complete without some delicious herring. Love that IKEA stocks this!5
Matjes sillBossewAlways part of my upbringing. Serv with cooked fresh potatos and sour cream.5
TastyIsseI bought this a month ago love it5
Delicious!LC111Delicious & enjoyed by all of family5
buetyi was very happy with quallity of fish4
YummyCym01My favourite flavour of herring. Nice, not to strong.5
The title is neither here nor there.NervezipfeleThe taste is delicious and reminds me of my homeland, Germany. It provides a quick dinner on days I don’t have much time or inclination to cook. All I need to prepare is potatoes and a salad. I can never get enough!5
Traditional taste bite-sizejfas2It is convenient to have these small portions, ideal for serving on a crisp biscuit5
Sill just like I grew up with in ScandinaviaEricB28The sill (marinated herring) you buy at IKEA is basically the same as you would find in Scandinavia, and is somewhat different from the German versions. I grew up with this stuff but some Aussie and British friends pull faces when they see it. Since it is quite salty it is traditionally eaten with boiled egg and potatoes, with maybe rye crispbread and cheese on the side. No preparation needed. Very nice indeed and makes for a quite low calorie lunch.5
Lila 71We love the product. We would buy it agIn5
Tomato123456Great with potatoes and sour creame4
GREAT tasteSildI live far away and a long use by day is very essential for me4
Strong flavourMummy ErisI always find this prep of herrings to be very strong in flavour. Needs dark rye bread to make the flavour more rounded.5
Awesome HeeringsDansk2We love this product, usually we have it as a treat for special occasions.5
Great tasteSusanne67Makes me think of Finland and the traditional foods we have. Especially as we are nearing to Christmas.5

The biggest and the best

When catching herring, the matjes are chosen among the biggest and the best. The fish are left to mature in barrels, then cut into fillets and stored in a secret recipe marinade before being put into sauce in retail packages as SILL MATJES (matjes herring fillets). SILL MATJES are served as a starter or as a meal in themselves with sour cream, chives and boiled potatoes. Or why not with rye bread or crispbread with a hard-boiled egg half on top?

Matjes herring fillets250 g

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SILL MATJES Matjes herring fillets, 250 g


$4/ 0.15 kg