KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single

This low bed is perfect for younger children, but also grows with them. You can turn it upside down when your child gets older – creating a play corner in no time with space for play and cosy times.

Article Number002.538.13

Product details

Turned upside down the bed quickly converts from a low to a high bed.When the bed is used as a loft bed, it is recommended for ages from 6 years.To prevent your child from getting their head stuck, and avoiding serious injury, the distance between the bed and the wall must always be less than 6.5 cm or greater than 23 cm.High beds and the upper bed of bunk or loft beds are not suitable for children under 6 years due to the risk of injury from falls.Slatted bed base is included.Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.Combines with KURA bed tent.Max load indicates static weight, in other words the load which the bed withstands if you lie or sit on it.Designer

T Christensen/K Legaard

  • Bed base slats:Solid pine, Adhesive
    Panel:Acrylic paint, Fibreboard, Paper foil
    Frame:Solid pine, Adhesive, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Renewable material (wood).Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    KURAReversible bedArticle no:002.538.13This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 26 cmHeight: 9 cmLength: 207 cmWeight: 25.50 kgPackage(s): 1
    Width: 27 cmHeight: 8 cmLength: 195 cmWeight: 21.30 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

199 cm
100 cm
116 cm
Height under loft bed: 
83 cm
Max. load: 
100 kg
Mattress length: 
189 cm
Mattress width: 
92 cm
Max. thickness, mattress: 
12 cm


PerfectHelenMy 10yo had a lot of fun putting this together. Works perfectly in the space I intended. Not too high either for the low ceiling fan5
My daughter absolutely loves herKylieMy daughter absolutely loves her bed5
Space saving, fun and value for moneyMarjeanneMy son loves that he can hide all his toys under his bed and build cubbies. Bed us sturdy and versatile. I love that you can flip the bed over to make it either a low bed or a lift style bed.5
Great once it was fixed.SandraIt’s a great fun bed for kids but when putting the bed together not all the pieces connected properly and my partner had mend one of them pieces so it would fit together. Abit of a pain.3
Modified but versetileChrisBought it but modified into a single bed with no over head bars or posts to make it easier to make the bed. Can easily return it to standard build when she wants it as a bunk bed.4
Shady11Excellent product!! My daughter loves it!5
So versatileTanHay287Bought this for my 7yr old son, and he loves it5
Easy to Assemble, Great QualityLauren41218I bought this bed as my son's first at 17months old. It's perfect!! Easy, relativity quick assembly and so much room to change up the bed configuration as he grows older.5
Very strong and looks great ZMezza1234I bought this last month for my grandson. He was able to help me build it and loves it very much . It’s very strong and it gives him height but at a safe level .5
Great BedChappieausMy 2 year old loves the bed. Easy to put together.5
CMW28This bed was for my grandson and he absolutely loved it5
Love love loveHanaxSo sturdy & beautiful. Highly recommend5
Love the many features of this bedsweed10Using this product as a toddler floor bed so no need to purchase a side rail because the slats are not in yet. Looking forward to the different configurations that this product has and is adaptable as children grow.5
Excellent loft bed for preschoolersnatsamaphoneWe bought this bed after much agonising about whether it would be safe to get a bunk bed for our 6-year old how is a very deep sleeper, and I'm so glad we did. We decided on this bed rather than a regular bunk bed because the low height made it much safer for a younger child but the space below could still be usable, which is great for small bedrooms. We've turned the space below into a reading nook with a mattress and some bookshelves and it is great for the kids, who at ages 4 and 7 can sit upright underneath the bed. h With a single bed mattress on the floor, the space below is not high enough for an adult or older child to sit upright, so would not be suitable to be used as a bunk bed for older children or teenages, but would be fine for sleepovers or parents of children who have had a bad dream and want an adult in the room with them! The low height means that it's much easier to change bed linen as well. The only downside with this bed is that it cannot be configured every single way (i.e. the steps can be attached on either side of the bed, but not on any end of it) so we had to alter the configuration of the room to accommodate the bed - so if using in a limited space it's a good idea to check the specs first.5
Makes the room feel bigger!SharalandaI'm really happy with this bed. It gives my daughter more room to play and helps keep the toys out of the rest of the house. I love that it helps separate play and rest zones in her room for a peaceful sleep: there's no distraction from the toys underneath as you can't see them while lying in bed! It pairs beautifully with the Trofast units we've got to keep toys and clothes organised.5
Practical product, some components not quite rightRobZZZZZZSecond one we have bought. First one is going strong and very sturdy. Assembled the second one and can get the steps on the ladder to be tight enough not to move.3
Kids love itNgfamilyMy son is over moon and we like it sturdyness! It will stand the test of monkey jump for sure. One thing though, when we make it a bunk bed we put a tall duvet (25cm tall)to be sure the second kid doesnt sleep near to the floor. And the result? The lower bed kid cannot sit tall! The bunk is too low and he will hit the frame hard! Ikea needs to make it a bit taller to avoid these issue. We only use it as bunk bed when there is a sleep over though4
Great bedmelkasGreat design and sturdy bed / play space. Ladder has wider step bases so won't hurt little feet when climbing up and down.4
Great bunk bedBrooke84Bought this a few months ago to put my children in a room together. Perfect size for room, not too high for small children on the bottom and easy to change bedding!5
Great space saverN8doggAllows for increased floor space for more play area and toy storage in the loft configuration.5
KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single

A cosy nook for play and sleep

How can a children's bed be something more than a safe place to sleep? Can it even inspire play? This was how designers Tina Christensen and Kai Legaard were thinking when they started sketching a new children's bed. It resulted in KURA reversible bed which, for almost 15 years, has been used as a nook ― inspiring play for children around the world. One child is named Vera and lives in Älmhult, Sweden.

The most important things for a children's bed is that it's comfortable and safe. It's a plus if it can change as the child grows. But the goal for KURA was greater than that, explains designer Tina Christensen. "We really wanted it to fall in line with what children want ― that it could be a place to play and be used as the child's own nook."

Tents transform the bed

KURA was given a reversible construction and over the years we've developed various tents that can be fixed to the bed frame and which transform the bed into a house, a tree house or a radiant starry sky. KURA is also a constant source of stimulation for children's imaginations and creativity ― families create their own solutions by using colours and decorations. This is something that Tina likes. "Sometimes I search online for pictures of KURA and find the most fantastic solutions", says Tina. "It's exciting that it continues to develop."

Right height for being tucked into bed

Vera, who lives in Älmhult, Sweden, has a room which is quite small and narrow, so her parents chose KURA to maximise the room's space. At first, Vera slept on the bottom, but when she turned six, the family turned the bed over to transform it into a loft bed with secure edges and a play area underneath. KURA is lower than a common bunk bed. This makes it a little safer for a 6-year-old and all parents can reach up to say good night. When it's time for Vera to be tucked in, her mother or father usually crawl up next to her for story time. "Then we each have a torch that we turn on and read. It's really cosy", Vera says smiling.

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Function solution

One-room apartment with sleeping loft

What a dream to sleep in your own house and bed. Closing doors and windows, climbing the ladder and then waving goodnight through the skylight. Experience all of this with KURA bed tent with curtain and KURA bed in its highest position.

Reversible bed, white/pineSingle

Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.
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KURA Reversible bed, white/pine, Single