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Clever Cooking

Durability, quality and affordability are fundamental to the design of our pots and pans ranges. Whether you’re looking for your first set of pots to get you started at University or for that perfect pan to create your favourite eggs Benedict at the weekend, we have a huge range of pots and sauce pans to suit your need. Our new FÖRBLUFFAD range has a built-in strainer and a rim of easy-grip silicone, which makes it easy and safe for you to pour out liquid. Not forgetting our very affordable 365+ range works well on all types of hobs including induction and can even be used in the oven. We pride ourselves on the quality of our cookware and you can read more about our cooking guarantees here.

IKEA 365+ stockpot with lid, stainless steel Diameter: 30 cm Height: 19 cm Volume: 10 l
IKEA 365+
stockpot with lid
Diameter: 30 cm, Height: 19 cm, Volume: 10 l
This hardwearing stainless steel stockpot has a large 10L capacity ideal for preparing large family meals. A steam vent feature prevents your cooking from boiling over.
KASTRULL pot with lid, green Diameter: 19 cm Height: 11 cm Volume: 3 l
pot with lid
Diameter: 19 cm, Height: 11 cm, Volume: 3 l
KASTRULL pot with lid, beige Diameter: 19 cm Height: 11 cm Volume: 3 l
pot with lid
Diameter: 19 cm, Height: 11 cm, Volume: 3 l
FAVORIT pot with lid, stainless steel Diameter: 23 cm Height: 15 cm Volume: 5 l
pot with lid
Diameter: 23 cm, Height: 15 cm, Volume: 5 l More options
SENSUELL pot with lid, stainless steel Diameter: 24 cm Height: 15 cm Volume: 5.5 l
pot with lid
Diameter: 24 cm, Height: 15 cm, Volume: 5.5 l


  • Cooking pots for all your stove-top needs, and then some

    You’ll find all kinds of cooking pots in our cookware range. Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel stock pot for cooking up batches of home-made soup, or a set of basic pots and pans for everyday use, check out what we’ve got at your nearest IKEA store. And when it comes to versatility, it’s not always about going on top; some of our pots are safe to use in the oven as well. High-quality stainless steel makes our pots easy to use and long-lasting, so you can be sure that your cooking equipment lasts for years to come. And our low prices will have you coming back for seconds.

  • Stock pots: functional and affordable

    It takes the right equipment to feed your family, and we’ve got more than enough pots to make preparing meals a pleasure. Set yourself up with some top quality items with our FAVORIT 7-piece pot set, which is guaranteed for 25 years. Some of the FAVORIT pots and saucepans are also sold separately. And this is the case for SKÄNKA as well, which also comes in an affordable 6-piece set of aluminium pots and pans. Whatever your cooking preferences, you can rely on our versatile range to meet your culinary needs.