IKEA Expansion Plans Expansion Plans en IKEA Canada Announces Third Store on Expansion Journey in London, Ontario http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2017_London_Expansion_Announcement Scheduled to open in fall 2019, IKEA London to be located at Highway 401 and Wellington Road. 2017-10-12T13:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada Breaks Ground on Quebec City store http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2017_IKEA_Quebec_City_Ground_Breaking Newly appointed Store Manager Annika Lenoir sets the vision for new store as construction begins, on track to open in late summer 2018. 2017-06-08T06:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Continues to Expand Operations in Canada http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2015_distribution_centre IKEA’s Ambition is to be More Accessible to the Many Canadians 2015-05-21T06:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada to Expand to London and Quebec City http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2015_pick_up_locations The retailer’s first two Pick-Up-Point locations have been announced 2015-05-05T06:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada Celebrates the Grand Opening of IKEA Winnipeg on November 28th http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/ceremonies_win Opening Day to feature entertainment and special offers 2012-11-22T08:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA is unveiling an energy efficient store in Winnipeg http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/sustainable_win IKEA expands on longstanding commitment to Sustainability 2012-11-19T08:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Announces New Winnipeg Store Opening Date http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/winnipeg_opening Winnipeg’s new store scheduled to open for business November 28, 2012 2012-09-25T01:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Now hiring in Winnipeg! http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2012_winnipeg_hiring IKEA Canada set to hire 300 Coworkers for the new Winnipeg Store 2012-06-21T00:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Hires Locally for New Winnipeg Store Manager - IKEA Chooses Ideal Candidate to Serve Winnipeg Customers http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2012_winnipeg_manager Burlington, Ontario – IKEA Canada announced today that Winnipeg native Stephen Bobko will be welcomed on April 15, 2012 as the new IKEA Winnipeg Store Manager. Bobko joins IKEA with 12 years of senior retail management and leadership experience. 2012-04-10T08:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada Hires 50 Coworkers for the New Richmond Store - IKEA Richmond to Open New Store on April 25, 2012 http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2012_richmond_opening The grand opening of IKEA's newest Canadian store in Richmond means more blue and yellow pride under one roof. Set to open April 25th, IKEA Richmond will be hiring an additional 50 coworkers to support the new 334,000 sq ft store (31,030 m2). 2012-04-03T00:00:00Z 00:00