IKEA National News National News en IKEA Canada Announces Move to Cage-Free Eggs http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2016_IKEA_Canada_cage_free_eggs 2016-09-26T06:00:00Z 00:00 Welcome to October at IKEA http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/october_news2016 For October we’re excited to bring you a range of new products to make the home a more beautiful, fun and comfortable place to be. This month, children can delight in two large and colourful collections that support unlimited play and storage. 2016-09-26T00:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA SALLSKAP collection - Limited Edition October 2016 http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/sallskap_collection_oct2016 This October IKEA presents SÄLLSKAP – a collection inspired by the Scandinavian arts and crafts tradition and by the once ground breaking idea of rooms designed for the whole family. It’s a collection of furniture, textiles and dinnerware that brings inspiration from the past into the present. 2016-09-26T00:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada Celebrates 40 Years through its Iconic Democratic Design Philosophy http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2016_IKEA_Canada_celebrates_40_years 2016-09-20T06:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Group presents another year of solid growth FY16: On track to become the world's leading multichannel home furnishing retailer. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2016_IKEA_Group_solid_growth For FY2016, IKEA Group total sales amounted to EUR 34.2 billion. Total sales translated into Euro increased by 7.1%. Adjusted for currency impact, total sales increased by +7.9%. Sales in comparable stores grew by 4.8%. 2016-09-13T06:00:00Z 00:00 IKEA Canada Announces Full Size Store in Quebec City http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2016_quebec_city_store_announcement Scheduled to open in summer 2018, IKEA Quebec City to be located at intersection of Highway 40 and Highway 540. 2016-09-08T06:00:00Z 00:00 POÄNG 40 years of comfort and style http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/poang40th_collection_sept2016 POÄNG armchair from IKEA is turning 40 this year. The iconic armchair has meant 40 years of style, comfort and choice. And to mark the occasion, we’re introducing one new frame and six new covers to the existing range of combinations. 2016-08-23T00:00:00Z 00:00 After 40 years, IKEA Canada continues to inspire Canadians with new product designs for a better everyday life http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/40th_anniversary_2017catalogue_launch The much anticipated 2017 IKEA Catalogue launches this month introducing new home furnishings which invite Canadians to challenge conventions and to think differently about life at home 2016-08-12T06:00:00Z 00:00 Customers Ask, IKEA Delivers! Meatballs to Various Pick-up and Order Points http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2016_IKEA_meatballs_at_pick_up_order_points 2016-08-11T06:00:00Z 00:00 The 40th Anniversary Catalogue is here. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/about_ikea/newsitem/2017_catalogue_launch For 40 years IKEA has continued to reinvent itself with iconic designs that inspires generation after generation of Canadians. Let’s celebrate 40 years of timeless design and innovation by bringing the IKEA products and catalogues of the past together with this year’s design. 2016-08-10T06:00:00Z 00:00