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Wireless chargers & accessories

IKEA’s wireless charger and accessory collection meets the needs of modern life with no strings attached! Whether you’re setting up a charging station to keep the whole family’s electronics organized and powered up, or just need a wireless charging pad for your desk, IKEA’s wireless charging accessories collection has you covered. 

Make life easier with a wireless charger in every room

There are certain things in our home that seem to grow on their own when we aren’t around— looking at you, dirty dishes and laundry piles! And on the flip side, there are other things we simply never seem to have enough of or can’t find when we need them most. Among these things are cell phone chargers.

We’ve found that one of the simplest, smallest things you can do to make your everyday life easier and less stressful is keeping a wireless charging pad in every room or popular sitting area. Imagine a world where a smartly placed charging station in high traffic areas saves you from the constant “Does anyone know where the charger went?”

A wireless charging pad encourages a break from scrolling

If you’re like many folks, you intentionally purchased an extra long cable for your charger so you can continue using your phone while it charges. And—if you’re also like many folks—the reason your battery needs charging to begin with is because you spend way too much time on your phone! 

We’ll be the first to admit that our everyday lives would be turned upside-down without our mobile phones, but we also understand the importance of looking up from the screen. Because a wireless charging station requires that your phone be placed on top to charge, it’s all that much easier to walk away and accomplish some screen-free tasks and activities. You might be surprised to find an extra hour or two in the day you didn’t even realize you’d been mindless scrolling through!

Be sure to check out our unique Qi-certified wireless charging accessories for the home and on-the-go, including modern desk lamps with a wireless charger built into the base and portable wireless charger products.