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SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, black

Price $ 249.99
Light bulb sold separately.
SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, black
SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, black/white
SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, white
SYMFONISK Speaker lamp w Wi-Fi, glass shade, white/black

How to get it

WiFi speaker with 180-degree sound and a lamp base in one makes sound blend into the home. Choose between a white or black speaker and complement with a glass or fabric lamp shade. Then enjoy the sound – a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos!

Article Number194.782.90

Product details

All SYMFONISK speakers connect over WiFi so you can create the system you want in your home. Play a podcast in the bedroom while someone else listens to music in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync.

SYMFONISK WiFi speaker allows you to stream music, radio, and podcasts from your network and streaming services.

You can group two or more SYMFONISK speakers together so they play the same content in sync and you can control the volume of individual speakers in the group.

Use as the only sound source in a room or complete with your existing products from the SYMFONISK series or Sonos products and easily expand your sound system.

The setup of SYMFONISK is simple, plug in your speaker into the power outlet, download the SONOS S2 app and follow the step by step instructions through the app.

With a smart home from IKEA, it's easy to create smarter everyday moments with lighting, speakers, blinds and air quality products.

By connecting this product to DIRIGERA hub, you get even more out of it and can also control it, together with other smart products, in the IKEA Home smart app.

With the IKEA Home smart app, you can dim lights, adjust blinds and speakers, control rooms, set and schedule scenes, connect to voice assistants, and more.

  • This product is part of our smart home range. Connect it, along with other smart products, to DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more features and functions.

    The speaker's features will be enhanced through continuous software updates.

    The services for streaming music vary between different regions, information about your region can be found on the Sonos website.

    To control this AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, iOS 11.4 or later is required.

    Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries.

    Download Sonos app via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.

    Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.

    You control the speaker with the Sonos S2 app.

    Light bulb sold separately.

  • Material
    Speaker lamp base with WiFi
    Lamp house/ Button/ Shade holder:
    ABS plastic
    Fabric cover:
    100 %polyester
    Silicone rubber
    Shade for speaker lamp base


Cord length: 79 "

Width: 6 "

Max.: 15 W

Shade diameter: 9 "

Shade height: 10 "

  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    SYMFONISKArticle Number404.873.01

    Width: 7 ¼ "

    Height: 7 ¼ "

    Length: 11 ½ "

    Weight: 5 lb 4 oz

    Package(s): 1

    SYMFONISKArticle Number904.947.47

    Width: 9 "

    Height: 9 "

    Length: 10 ¼ "

    Weight: 4 lb 11 oz

    Package(s): 1


In love with the soundCharleneIn love with the sound of this speaker, the Cadillac of speakers in my opinion5
Great way to sneak speakers into a nice looking roomSylviaIf this happens to fit your aesthetic, it’s a great little invention. It sounds good enough for what it is, and the glass shades look really cool. I kind of preferred the old mushroom style but the new one is also neat. You could always use your own shade clipped to the bulb if you don’t like IKEas options. My biggest gripe: the cylinder in the center of the glass shades tends to sit a bit crooked. You can see it in some of the photos on the website. Mine did the same thing but I was able to coax it into line with a bit of force. A little annoying for a $50 lamp shade. Last, the price. I got mine on sale which is nice, of course. I noticed that prices went up across nearly everything recently. This speaker with shade is more $20 more than it used to be. At $260 it’s getting a bit high to me for what you get.4
Good productAndrewGood product4
The volume could be aVictoriaThe volume could be a little louder, but it’s ok.5
Beauty Meets Functionality!!LuisBeauty Meets Functionality!!5
Good speaker, bad connectionEricWifi connection is very weak and disconnects often, even when in the same room as the router. I currently use an ethernet connection and that hasn't failed yet. May be better if you have other sonos products that can boost the signal.3
Great sound and easy setEvelynGreat sound and easy set up!5
SonosDominickExcellent package lamp snd great sound.5
Works great!RobertI’ve had the original version for three years now. You must first calibrate the sound in the Sonos app or else you’ll get muffled sound! You MUST not skip this step during setup and MUST auto calibrate the sound!5
Great LampJakubSound and looks great!5
Melted insideShayneHave had this lamp for almost a year. Worked awesome until today when the lamp started flickering. Then turned off completely. When I took off the shade, the inside had melted. Like full on melted. Ruined. I won’t be buying anything expensive from ikea again.1
Quirky look, average sound, unexpected power behaviorRomanI'll start by saying that the lamp simply didn't work for me. I liked the quirky looks just enough to live with it so I took the chance but sadly the sound was bad compared to a Sonos One SL device which is a little disappointing considering it's basically the same price (I know this adds the lamp part but I think that can amount to 1/4 of the price at most). But I could have lived even with the somewhat disappointing and muffled sound if it weren't for the real deal breaker for me, and it's that this lamp won't remember the last power state if the power is cut off (from a switch or a power outage) and this is annoying, even more if you use smart bulbs because you won't be able to control them from the app until you manually go and press the power button on each lamp every time this happens. That's a big issue for me and I suspect for many people out there.3