SKOGSTA Wall shelf, acacia, 47 1/4x9 7/8 "
SKOGSTA Wall shelf, acacia, 47 1/4x9 7/8 "

It looks like this shelf in solid wood floats on the wall since all the brackets are hidden. Fill it with your favorite things, books or photographs and create a vibrant, eye-catching display.

Article Number103.004.99

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Solid wood is a durable natural material.The shelf becomes one with the wall thanks to the concealed mounting hardware.Pre-treated with hardwax oil. It is not necessary to apply any other treatment until the surface begins to wear.Be aware that different wall materials are able to support different loads of weight. For instance, walls made of drywall cannot support as much weight as walls made of wood, concrete, or brick.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Designer

Marcus Arvonen

  • Main parts:Solid acacia wood, Wax
    Fitting:Steel, Galvanized
  • We have clear requirements for all the wood we use, including a ban on illegally harvested wood. By 2020, we want all our wood to come from more sustainable sources, defined as certified or recycled. Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.By using only renewable materials in this product (hardware excluded), we avoid using fossil or finite materials.
  • SKOGSTAWall shelfArticle Number:103.004.99
    Width: 10 ¼ "Height: 1 ¾ "Length: 48 "Weight: 16 lb 9 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

47 1/4 "
9 7/8 "
7 1/8 "
Max load/shelf: 
44 lb


shelving unit not made for USA buildingsSHARONThe spacing on the anchors for this shelf do not match with 16" centers of the wall studs. If you are lucky, you will get one of the two anchors into wood, while the other is only into the wall (plasterboard). We are still looking for a work around as we like the shelf, just not the spacing of the anchors.3
Love it!Charlotteworks well for cookbook storage in the kitchen. I bought 2 more over the weekend.5
Love the lookJessiLove love love, using them in my salon/studio to hold all my supplies!! There perfect5
Solid shelfTroyJust beautiful!5
Prefect for plants!EmyriamLoved this for my room, I’m a new at buying many plants. I needed more space and this was perfect. The different tones of wood color go with different decor. I will be buying again.5
Good luck mounting this.MelencioFirst and foremost, this thing is HEAVY! They don't included the mounting hardware I'm assuming it's because they don't want the trouble of litigating damages if they do include it and the customer installs it wrong. Mounting this is what DIY nightmares are made of. Forget about thinking in metric, that's not the problem. The mounting holes are in the back of this solid wood and you have to be Kal-El from Krypton with X-Ray vision in order for you to match the hole to the screws you've mounted on the wall.I bought 2 of these and they're both going back tomorrow.1
Can"t mount to multiple studs.jc333Good looking shelf system, and nice build quality. Rated for 44lb when mounted to solid members (wall studs, etc). Unfortunately, the structural components that mount to your wall are 40 5/16 apart, so North American homes framed to 16 or 24 on center will only be able to mount to one stud. In my home, I mounted to one stud, and drywall anchored the other frame. To provide additional structural support, I drove a 3 1/2 screw through the wood into a second stud, and then patched it with wood filling putty, then touched it with sand paper. Given that the The designers should have included three steel supports, and cut-outs in the wood to support two framing conventions common in NA: 24 framing: two stud-mounted steel supports 24 apart, with one in the center to limit bowing in the middle of the shelf. 16 framing: three stud-mounted steel supports 16 apart each.2
Looks Beautiful, and great quality.jisungmThis looks beautiful and modern. I have them in my dining room displaying some bamboo and nice liquors. Beware though, this thing is amazingly difficult to install. Use Screws which have the rounded ends, so that it holds onto the latch securely. Also, make sure the screw sticks out almost 1 cm. This one has to be measured to the mm or it won't fit on.5
Build quality okay, mounting is a jokeKbearTitle says it all. The wood and build quality are what you'd expect from ikea quality. The mounting is an absolute nightmare (time to bust out those metric tapemeasures). After trying with wall anchors, then toggle bolts, and having my face pressed up against the wall for the better part of an hour, I just anchored in into studs with woodscrews, which negates the point of a this style shelf which should appear floating. Save you money on something easier to mount.2
Beautiful, sturdy shelfetchlingsHave had this in our kitchen for 4 years holding up coffee and snacks and mugs and stuff over our coffee station. We screwed some hooks for mugs into the underside (it's mounted like a stylized r) and the oiled acacia behind them looks beautiful. Easy to wipe clean and occasionally re-oil.5
Nice when it’s up but.....BarbQI bought 2 and they look great, however the hanging was a nightmare. They were heavy and quite difficult to hang on the wall anchored screws. I also added extra screws with “gorilla” anchors through the backs where they would not show. The shelves are heavy and I did not want to take the chance that the added weight of the items on them might cause them to fall.4
I can"t recommend this. Here"s whyLilomelAlthough it is wood and is attractive, Ikea customer service confirmed that it does have formaldehyde in it Also the depth is not what I'm used to in a shelf.1
KoalacaperLooks beautiful in my bathroom5
Sleek and sublte woody shelfJamal23Bought 2 of these bad boys almost a month ago and im happy with my choice5
Beautiful and simpleEmindyEasy to install and looks beautiful. We use it to hold our bedroom TV (36in I believe). The wood is sturdy and looks really nice- we want to get another to put in our dining room but put little hooks for coffee cups. You’ll have no regrets! May need drywall anchors if you want to put weight bearing things on it.5
Unique ShelfjenniedLove this shelf. I purchased for my laundry room. I added the matching bench and together they have created a cool, unique space. Not my neighbors laundry room:-) I hung them upside down and then mounted coat hooks and some fun IKEA decorations to them. Will try to add a picture.5
Great!jbourgeousLove the simple way of installing and how it looks!5
It really is beautiful, but....NatizoeWe bought this because it looked beautiful. It was for my husbands office. We put it up in the wall to hang and even securely hanging it on the wall, once we added weight to it, it started to pull down. We were bummed because it looked really nice. It really is beautiful, but impractical for what we needed it for. I’d say get it for stuffed toys or a few light things like perfumes, jewelry or cotton balls. Nothing heavy. I would have kept it, but we can’t afford to waste money on something we most likely wouldn’t have used.4
Well made shelfcfisher99If this is the style you are looking for, this is a great shelf. It appears to be made of wood, not laminate. I wish it had a small groove or ridge that would help anchor display items, and I wish that it came in more than just the one size, but as an individual shelf, it's great.5
Beautiful but can"t hold much weight.greenniksThese are stunning to look at and are easy to put up but their one, huge, drawback is that you can not mount them with toggle bolts, the construction and instructions just don't allow for it. So do not buy these if you want to use them as bookshelves! Aside from that, lovely.3


Several shades of acacia

Strong, steady, and multipurpose is one way you could describe the SKOGSTA collection. It’s made from acacia – a durable wood mostly used in outdoor furniture, finally let indoors. And instead of throwing parts of the tree trunk away as others do, we combined the lighter trunk with darker parts of the tree. The result is a blend that gives the collection a unique expression, topped with a coat of wax to preserve its natural beauty for years to come.

Wall shelf, acacia47 1/4x9 7/8 "

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SKOGSTA Wall shelf, acacia, 47 1/4x9 7/8 "