MONTERA Cable management, white, 43 "
MONTERA Cable management, white, 43 "
Article Number301.474.25

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This product bears the CE mark.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Synthetic rubber, High impact polystyrene
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • MONTERACable managementArticle Number:301.474.25
    Width: 1 ½ "Height: 1 "Length: 43 ¼ "Weight: 7 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

43 "
Package quantity: 
6 pack
Total length: 
260 "


Worked great to hide cables.VICTORWorked great to hide cables.5
SLIM and SLEEKLarnellI have been using this product for years. It looks just like it is part of your baseboards when attached above or below the trim. You can even paint the Montera to blend in with your walls. It hides the cords and keep everything looking slim and sleek.5
Highly RecommenddebraHave purchased several times, used to keep electrical cords off the floor at work, at home used to keep lit mirror electrical cord from lying on bathroom counter and getting wet and to hide cord from electric blinds.5
Truly Doesn’t StickJaxnurseReally wanted to prove the other reviews wrong, but it’s true that these just don’t stick to a painted wall, no matter how clean the wall is. It took me close to 30 minutes just to get one connected strip from the ceiling to floor, and in the morning it was dangling from the ceiling.1
Eh.Mana HusAlright, I was disappointed in this one. I was excited to find it in the lighting area, and try it out on a hanging lamp cord, to hold it flat against the corner of the wall until it got down to the outlet. First of all, it was easy to put the cord into the plastic, which was good. But then sticking it on the wall, the adhesive was garbage and just fell right off- no stick whatsoever. Then when it fell, the plastic got all bent and now it's not smooth anymore and looks junky. I was disappointed the plastic wasn't sturdy enough to actually hold the cords straight. I could have tried putting my own adhesive like command strips on it maybe, but it won't even look smooth and straight now.2
sufficiently effective at hiding wire.dunnoEasy to install. Butt connect lengths. Adhesive seemed challenged sticking to painted dry wall. Still hanging on after second day, I still have doubts.4
Attractive and usefulPFortunaAn attractive way of managing cables while also keeping them pet safe. We bought these because the cat likes to chew cords.5
DDP1Great accessory for a neat and uncluttered appearance.5
Not greatAbc518I bought this to cover the cord of my baby monitor, it is very narrow, and the sticky part didn’t stay in the wall, it fell off. I was disappointed1
Didn’t stick to the wall wellLas VegasAdhesive isn’t strong enough. Comes off the wall3
Adhesive could be betterJayRaiI really like the concept, especially for the price. Only issue is that the adhesive does not hold firmly to the wall. I used some very small nails to keep the strips from moving and now it's fine, but could be solved with better adhesive.4
Don"t waste your money!ResqI bought these to help hide the wires (smaller than speaker wire) for lights that I was hanging in a bed room. The adhesive tape on the back is worthless, and came off of 2 of the strands when I took off the protective paper backing. When I finally was able to get one to keep the tape on it, it wouldn't stick to the wall, and kept falling down. I finally had to use command strips to get them stay up.1
Will ReturnUdayNot useful .. very difficult to insert cable1
Sorry productJonjoSeesEverythingThis is really a sorry product. Peels, warps, really only holds max 1-2 cords, is not fully impervious to light, adhesive comes off even before installation, and looks sorry. You'll be buying it to throw it in the trash, sorry.1
Not what I was hoping forCathyjo58I bought this hoping to cover the wires form my tv to cable box. Unfortunately, they didn't expand as much as I needed and didn't realize they had an adhesive strip. Not useful at all!1
Good with some nailsDYI GuyI bought it couple weeks back to conceal wires from TV mount (live in rented house so didn’t want to make big holes). Pros- slim profile, self sticking, good to conceal one wire, easy to install and no tools needed. Cons- 1. Weak glue won’t stick for long. Fell off within couple days. I nailed in few places and that helped. 2. Wish it could be bigger to hold couple wires, putting two side by side looks ugly.3
Functional and easy to installgavinatcPurchased for use in bathroom to run a single cord from the outlet, along the edge of the countertop, behind the sink, to the appliance. We only needed 2 lengths. The material was easy to cut to the required dimension and the adhesive tape keeps the cable management system securely in place.5
Affordable and reliable!crs3I have been using this product for years. They protect and secure my speaker cables, HDMI cords, Ethernet cables, and so many more things throughout my home. On a plain white wall they're super subtle (and if not they're easy to paint) and were easy to cut down to size as needed. They're incredibly tough as well, so much so that they're capable of removing paint if I tried to remove them so make sure that you're installing them carefully and plan on leaving them there for quite some time.5
Tashed them after 2 weeks :(MW954These were a huge disappointment. They came with no instructions but i prepped my wall as is typically required by similar products; even let them stay up there 24hrs before attempting to get my cable in them to make sure the adhesive had properly adhered. It was a struggle to get just one standard TV cable into the holders & all but 1 holder fell off the wall after 2 weeks.1

Cable management, white43 "

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MONTERA Cable management, white, 43 "