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USB chargers, portable chargers & more

Most of us spend more hours of the day than we can count with our phone in our hand or within reach. Whether we’re calling or texting a friend, paying a bill, looking up a recipe, scrolling through social media or using a navigation app, our phones power our lives. But it can’t do any of that without power of its own! Enter IKEA’s smart and simple charger collection, including power banks, charging cables and multiport USB chargers. Whether you’re setting up a charging station at home or need a portable charger to toss in your bag, you’ll find it here.

A multiport USB charger has every device covered

Today’s modern families are more connected than ever, with even the youngest in the household often having a tablet or phone of their own. And with all those extra devices comes a game of musical chargers at the end of the day, with everyone fighting for the same precious few ports and cords.

Save yourself from the chaos with a multiport USB charger and corresponding charging cables. Creating a charging station at home is as simple as designating a space where chargers stay put, and leaving room for devices to rest while being charged. Using one or more USB chargers, you can end the charger battle once and for all. 

Want to help cut down on everyone’s screen time? Keep the charging station in a place where no one sits—such as an entryway table—so everyone can take a scroll break while their device charges.

A portable charger is your reliable backup

No matter how you feel about our growing reliance on our mobile phones, if you’re reading this, chances are good that yours is an essential part of your day. And just like other essentials, we often don’t realize how important they are until they’re needed most. 

By keeping a portable charger in your bag at all times, you aren’t just making sure you can keep playing your favorite games—you’re investing in your personal safety. With a portable charger, you can always be sure you can place a call, order a taxi and more.