KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white
KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white

Each side of the clock performs different functions. Just flip it for time/date, alarm, temperature or timer. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s simple to use – even while half-asleep in bed.


Product details

It’s quick and easy to switch between 4 functions – time and date, temperature, timer, and countdown – just by turning the clock to a new side.Batteries are sold separately; 2 pcs LR03 AAA size 1.5V batteries required.We recommend using alkaline batteries in the clock.

Product size

2 ¾ "
1 ¼ "
2 ¾ "


Ok clockUglybobI bought this expecting a clock that was back lit so it can be seen in the dark. Nope not one of the options. As a clock,stopwatch or timer it's ok. The alarm has not worked since I bought it. I would return it but the nearest IKEA is 45 minutes away , and I don't go that direction often.3
Great till it diedlizzy23I ordered two of these and they both stopped working within 2 months. Replaced the batteries, nothing. waste of money.1
Good little clock for a good priceSqeakI needed a clock for my study so I bought the clock on the recommendation of a friend.5
Everything you need.Johnee1999Everything you need in a clock. Great features.5
Broke within two weeks of useHD041We wanted a small clock to sit on a ledge in our bathroom. KLOCKIS was the perfect size and matched the white walls our bathroom. It worked fine in the beginning and we were very happy with it. After 2 weeks, it quit working. It wouldn't show the time or anything. We changed fresh batteries into it a few different times and it still doesn't work.1
Great featuresTmillI happen to see this clock in the store and thought it was perfect to have for my baby’s room. Turns out it works perfectly for what I need in the kitchen and the bedroom as well.5
Essential itemKoaraIt’s easy to operate. Especially when using alarm5
A Unique way to keep track of thingsAdrnMnk1I bought this clock to use in our guest bedroom and so far it has been a good one to have since it is more accurate than the last IKEA one we were using and should be easier to keep up to date5
Not so great featuresso disappointedNumbers for the clock feature are too small. Also the contrast makes it even harder to read.1
Great featuresearlybird01Plenty of useful features in the little cube.5
Alarm only sounds for a few minutesyolosquad420The alarm only sounds for a few minutes before silencing automatically, so if you're a hard sleeper you can just wait for it to stop. Otherwise this would be the perfect minimalist travel alarm clock.3
Modernly Kool!PKAKSimple to use. Sleek modern appeal.5
Lots of bells and whistlesb_chuckNo instruction on how to set clock. Wish the backlight stayed on longer so could read the time at night without the annoying beep when the light does come on.3
Tick TockGingy508Needed a small desk clock and I was pleased to discover all the features this small clock offers4
Pretty neat!platter103Nice size to fit in small places. We have it on our bathroom counter. Many features in such a small device.4
Just what I neededfranatopsisGreat little clock that does everything it's supposed to! Easy to set. Perches anywhere. Not obtrusive.5
a little disappointedbritgirl13Maybe just me, but found setting the clock was a little complicated. Also, screen didn't appear to be very bright.3
Stopped working within an hourkimcan84I bought this a week ago. Immediately put brand new batteries in it and set it up. Within an hour it stopped working. Tried new batteries, but it's definitely a dud. Unfortunate because it would have been perfect in my kitchen where I don't have a microwave or a stove with a clock.1
For KidsCheesefaceI bought this for my kids for a timer for quiet time. It has been lovely. They migrate around which room they go in and so having something with batteries has worked great. I do have to ensure they don’t touch it though, because rotating it resets the timer function. That works for my kids. The alarm still goes off when it’s rotated and functioning on other modes though. Very cool concept.4
Fun and Functional!KJWeThis is the perfect size to have on a shelf in my bathroom. Mostly, I use the clock sin the mornings to keep me moving. I have also used the thermometer in a room that always feels cooler or warmer depending upon the season to see what the actual temp is. Timer and alarm also helpful for traveling.5

Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white

Batteries are sold separately; 2 pcs LR03 AAA size 1.5V batteries required.
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KLOCKIS Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer, white