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Alarm clocks

If you find yourself running late, try one of our alarm clocks. We have a range of styles, including a retro option with real bells. If you're into digital alarm clocks, we have ones with a snooze function that rings every five minutes, so you can get a little more time in bed.

Stay on schedule with alarm clocks

Strike a stylish statement with classic and modern alarm clocks in a variety of attractive designs. Disconnect from your smartphone and enjoy a restful sleep by relying on a fashionable and functional alarm clock to wake you up.  

Set the alarm for stylish and smart features in alarm clocks

First things first, digital or analog. Analog clocks are timeless, excuse the pun. Go with dual bell analog alarm clocks for a classic look or find stylish, minimalist designs for a modern feel. Choose digital alarm clocks when precision is key. Get accuracy to the second and and enjoy displays which are easy to read in the dark when you have to get up early.

A clock can be so much more than just an alarm. When choosing a clock, think about design and colors. From vibrant color contrasts to sleek numeral indices, we have a wide range of clocks that will match your style. 

There’s even room for alarm clocks in cramped spaces with our smart and compact designs. IKEA has tiny alarm clocks which can be placed atop picture ledges or crowded bookshelves in the bedroom. Need more helpful features? Choose digital alarm clocks with thermometer, timer, clock and alarm options. 

Have the ability to sleep through a storm? Rest easy with alarm clocks that can wake heavy sleepers by increasing in intensity and repeating until the alarm is turned off. Wake up on time for that early morning flight or meeting thanks to smart alarm clock features ready to help you get up and get going.