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Wall & table clocks

Wall clocks and table clocks are something you often look at. So, go for one that suits your style! We have a big range from classic to funky, with loads of different sizes. Just take the time you need to find a choice that suits your taste and your space. 

Be it stylish kitchen clocks, or large elegant wall clocks, we’ve got something to suit your taste. Looking for an easy way to tell time in the kitchen so you don’t run late in the morning? Check. Need a sophisticated clock for your living room so you don’t miss your favorite TV show? Ticking that one off. Perhaps you need one with an alarm that’ll get you up in the morning? No worries! With our vast selection, you’ll find your perfect clock in no-time. 

Can’t go wrong with wall clocks 

Wall clocks can make for great decoration details. Instead of a static painting, you can add something with life and movement in it. Choose one with a timeless design for a look that lasts in the long run, or one with a modern twist for a decoration detail that pops. 

The timeless take 

Choose a clock with a classic design if you’re looking for something that will blend in and catch the eye at the same time. Like a station clock, or a pendulum. Either one can be a nice addition to the hallway. Stressed out mornings, or “working late” evenings, you’ll immediately know what time it is. 

The modern movement 

Perhaps you’re looking for a clean, modern design? A wall clock without numbers is clean, minimalistic and can give your home that contemporary look you long for. One can fit just as well in the living room as in the bedroom. 

The vintage way

Maybe the vintage style fits your home better? We’ve got some awesome designs with Roman numerals that are sure to get you that genuine look and feel. 

Tick tock on the clock but the party don’t stop   

The idea of hearing a slow, rhythmic ticking from your clock might seem cozy in theory. But the reality can be quite different. And some may experience the sound as stressful. Thankfully, we’ve got wall clocks with mechanisms that ensure silent movement. This is perfect for the bedroom, so you can catch those Zs completely undisturbed. 

Time to make your life easier

If you’re looking for great features to help you in your everyday life, you’ve come to the right place. What about an alarm clock that not only tells the time and date, but also gives you the temperature, a timer and a countdown? Built in backlights make these kinds of clocks easy to use in the dark as well. Keeping track of time has never been easier. Other things that make your life easier: storage. And there are clocks with that too. The storage may be small, but the solution is neat and there’s room for creativity regarding what to put in there. For example, if you place the clock in the hallway, you could store your glasses, wallet, and keys in there. Or if you choose the bedroom, you can use it for your jewellery and earbuds.