KLAPPA Musical toy, caterpillar
KLAPPA Musical toy, caterpillar
KLAPPA Musical toy, caterpillar

Play is a way for your baby to develop their senses and interaction with you and the world. With this musical toy from the KLAPPA toys collection, we want to stimulate this important journey of discovery.

Article Number303.726.35

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Stimulates a baby's sight, hearing and sense of touch.Low sound level for baby's sensitive ears.Recommended for all ages.Designer

Malin Unnborn

Article Number303.726.35
  • Body:80 % cotton, 20 % polyester
    Filling:Polyester fiber fill
    Do not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • KLAPPAMusical toy, caterpillarArticle Number303.726.35
    Width: 3 ¼ "Height: 2 ¾ "Length: 7 ¼ "Weight: 4 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

7 ¾ "


Caterpillar, very short jingleLindaIkea, please name your products in the language you are selling it in! Klappa..., as for all your other products that have unintelligible names... try finding the product back on the sales receipt. Impossible! The toy itself is cute but the music jingle could have lasted a bit longer, it is quite short. Baby found the tail end most fascinating.4
My grandson loves itferrytripI bought this for my grandson. I wasn’t too sure if he would like it. He latched on to it and wouldn’t let go. It’s super soft & the music is very calming.5
Sweet!susi2Cute toy with a sweet tune playing. I like the length the tune is playing too.4
Broke within an hourBlueFlowersMomMaybe we got a lemon, but this stopped making music before we even got home from Ikea. We live just under an hour away! Otherwise really cute, made with quality material and a nice big size. We returned it without problem.1
Velvety softVG82Bought this for my 6mo. Old granddaughter. She absolutely loved it. She really likes the musical toys. This is her second musical toy from IKEA.5
Musical toySuzyboop2020Bought for 10 1/2 month old granddaughter, she loves it especially the black little legs!!5
wonderful gift for babyFLRobinI gave this as part of a baby gift. The music calmed the baby.5
Cute CaterpillarLmk919I bought this for my granddaughter. It is so cute and works well. When you pull it apart it plays music and slowly returns to its original shape as the music plays. I love it!5
My grandson loves it!Suz383Adorable and durable. The music is gentle and the baby responds to it favorably.5
Soothing for babies!PghPattiI bought this for my new grandson and it really calms him and helps him fall asleep!5
Very cuteTameraLove this! You pull it and it plays gentle lullaby.5
I can’t recommend it.Blue5I bought this toy on my last visit to Ikea because my baby like it, it had a lovely quiet music playing when stretched out, however less than an hour later it wasn’t working anymore...2
CuteBella810Goes perfectly with the very hungry caterpillar book5
Holds up well with 7 month old grandson.lalawil13Just wish it would play music a little longer5
Real Cute ToyPatti PoppinsGrandson loved it, it contracts after you stretch it and plays music5
Cute toy for Bor or GirlGregieIt was a gift and they loved it...5
KLAPPA Musical toy, caterpillar

Play turns us into human beings

Look, touch, push, lift… play is a way for your baby to develop their senses, to get orientated and to try to understand their surroundings. With the KLAPPA toys collection we wanted to develop toys which stimulate this journey of discovery and contribute to the important interaction between you and your baby. From a social context, the child grows through play, and becomes a human being.

When a new born baby’s eyes open for the first time, the central nervous system is still not yet fully developed. The eyes cannot see a distance of more than 7⅞-15¾", about as far away as the nursing mother's face. But by interacting with a variety of impressions, like colors, shapes, touches and sounds, the development of the small child's brain is stimulated. This is explained by researcher Krister Svensson, who has studied children's development, play and learning for many years. "But resting is just as important as the stimulation. The brain occasionally needs rest from the impressions in order to sort it all and relate everything to what it previously registered."

The details entice play

Toys adapted to the small baby can contribute to these important impressions which stimulate the brain's development. But what is it that really makes a certain toy enticing to the child? "Often it's something that stands out in their surroundings and draws attention to itself", says Krister. "Maybe black dots on a yellow giraffe or the sound of a rattle." Designer Malin Unnborn, who designed the KLAPPA toys collection, wanted to find those specific details that could create curiosity and lead to play. "For example, for the picture book and the ball I used colours with strong contrasts and fabrics with different structures, such as glossy and matte, soft and rough." On the snuggle blanket, the play mat and the baby gym, Malin made shark fins, ears and other details that stick out just enough for small and curious fingers to pinch them.

Toys create interaction

KLAPPA became an entire world of imaginative animals, plants and planets to explore. ”Maybe it’s not that important for the baby that it's a crab looking up at the edge of the play mat”, Malin says. "But it can entice an older child to play with their younger sibling." Krister feels that toys also play an important social function in the child's development. "They act as tools for social interaction between you and your child, and it's you who gives the toys life and meaning." For example, by naming a rattle 'a yellow giraffe', you can talk about it, and when you take turns holding the giraffe, an understanding in the child arises as to how they themselves are a part of a context. Play is based on interaction and is quite simply a necessity for a human being’s development, says Krister. "To become a human being requires interaction with other people."

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What is cotton?

Cotton is one of the world's most appreciated and used natural fibers. Textiles in cotton are soft, hardwearing and can be washed at high temperatures. They are also good at breathing and absorbing moisture – making them pleasant to wear close to the body. Today at IKEA we use more and more recycled cotton and strive to make sure that all the new cotton we use has been grown and produced with less and less amounts of pesticides, fertilizers and water.

Musical toy, caterpillar

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KLAPPA Musical toy, caterpillar