KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz
KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz
KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz
KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz
KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz
KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz

Product details

The simple design means that the glass carafe can be used for beverages and as a flower vase.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Iina Vuorivirta

  • Glass
    Dishwasher-safe.Only for drinks with a max. temperature of 122°F.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.No cadmium or lead added.
  • KARAFFCarafeArticle Number:003.429.75
    Length: 7 ¾ "Weight: 14 ozDiameter: 4 ¼ "Package(s): 1

Product size

7 ¾ "
4 ¼ "
34 oz


I loved it but was broken.JinyooI really loved it but it was easily broken with very little impact.3
KaraffMARTHALove this. It is so simple, so versatile, and can look elegant or informal. This was my second purchase for me, and will be buying more to be able to use for flower gifts.5
Affordable and good qualityNamAffordable and good quality5
Great size for medium (to large) bouquets but not too tallWashington D.This is a super-useful size, especially for flowers cut from your garden. The wide mouth allows for bigger bouquets but it isn't too tall. It's shaped beautifully the way it gets smaller at the neck. Holds a bouquet in a lovely position.5
Almost PerfectWynettaI needed a bedside carafe due to recent medical issues and found Ikea's Karaff. I love the look and the function of the Karaff. The only thing missing, and this may be petty for some, is a lid. I realize if you Google "carafe" it clearly indicates that a carafe does not have handles or stoppers, but it would be really nice. Even if a stopper (cork, silicone, I don't care) weren't included with the Karaff itself but was available, that would be helpful, as the "MacGyvered" plastic wrap kind of ruins the aesthetic.5
Great carafeVsethLove the design. Simplicity and useful for juices and milk.4
Samantha4Very nice and pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️5
Wonderful little carafeDanO47Easy to use and clean. Does what you expect. My wife also wants to use it as a vase. I suppose it would do well for that, too!5
Simple, sturdy, cheapDodo2345The design isn’t complicated and versatile. This vase can stand up to moderate impact and was very inexpensive when I bought it.5
Great as an inexpensive decanterKejekiI bought this to decant red wine for a party. I'm not a red drinker so I didn't want to spend a lot on a decanter, so this was perfect! It holds a standard 750ml bottle well and pours nicely.5
great valuejan gusing for chilled soups so no lingering smells and my hand fits in to wash5
I Love This Product !!GazerI have been a great fan of this item for many years. I bought it here in USA and in Australia too. I give it as present with flowers or filled with candies and chocolates. It is handy in the kitchen for drinks or around the house as a vase or simple container. Sometimes, not always, one can find IKEA 365+ Renewable Cork 3.5 Coasters 2 Pack that will fit as a cover. It is a multi use fun item.4
Makes a great vasekwingBought this to grow philodendron starts and it’s perfect. I love the shape—simple but interesting and doesn’t take up too much space on my bookshelf.5
The item I bought this month. It looks awesomeVisu09The item I bought this month it looks awesome and some of my friends asked where did U buy. I told it's IKEA product.4
Nice size and designBlonde BearPurchased 8 in order to have tea and water on each table.5
Great Carafe!Jutka65Very nice carafe and great price!5
So inexpensive it almost ‘’free’’OmagranjanLooks nice on my beverage tray with the cut glass small tumblers5
pair it with the DYRDRIP glassRaine7Perfect for the guest bedroom and the DYRDRIP glass serves as a lid5
Works as a great decanter!Beth___We recently moved, broke our decanter a couple of months ago, and I grabbed this on a whim when doing a furniture haul. It's simple, it's cheap, it's perfect for letting my wine open for a bit before drinking. I also use it with a separate top that I have that happens to fit it perfectly to keep cold water, tea, etc. in my fridge (which I guess is it's original intended purpose.) Such a simple thing, but if it works, it works!5
Great Design, Look and PriceJDChuFor the price, this is a great item. Sleek and elegant design, sturdy and pours cleanly. Looks great on your table.5

Designer thoughts

"My idea behind KARAFF carafe in glass is that it should be possible to use in different ways. To serve juice, water or wine – or why not use it as a flower vase with one single flower? The design in clear glass is beautiful on its own and its simplicity means the carafe can be used just as well both at home and for public use. Thanks to the narrow neck and the wide opening, it’s also easy to hold and pour from. There are many possibilities – it’s just a matter of choosing."

Carafe, clear glass34 oz

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KARAFF Carafe, clear glass, 34 oz