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HALVVARM Food container w lid and divider, stainless steel/beige, 24 oz

HALVVARM Food container w lid and divider, stainless steel/beige,

Price $ 9.99

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Keep your favorite dishes in this stylish food container and enjoy them at home, at work or outdoors. Perfect to put in your bag or backpack since it’s leak-proof and made of durable stainless steel.

Article Number204.972.21

Product details

HALVVARM food container in stainless steel retains the food’s flavors. It doesn’t absorb odors and never breaks no matter how tough you treat it.

The silicone lid is leak-proof and helps to keep the container’s contents fresh. Perfect when you want to bring a snack, lunch or dinner on the go.

Comes with a divider to keep your food separated and you can remove it when you don´t need it.

Easy to clean since the material is non-porous.


Stina Lanneskog


Height: 2 "

Length: 8 ¼ "

Volume: 24 oz

Width: 4 ¾ "


Hard to close the lidHyejinClean and good but hard to close the lid entirely. Once it is closed I have not seen leaking3
Great lightweight optionTraceyThis is great for older school age children. It is the best lightweight option that I have found that is both stainless steel and silicone. The biggest drawback is that the divider does not stay in place well and is not water proof between. If there was a tension divider, this would be the perfect lunch box.4
Missing separatorAprilWhen I opened this up at home it was missing the dip container inside. Not worth going all the way back, but check your item before purchasing.2
Difficult to useUvnikThe material is good but the lid is so thin that it is really difficult to fix on top of the base. It takes really a great amount of effort and time to close it properly. We have go fed up that we do not use it as a tiffin, instead we just use it as our butter box and leave the lid on top without putting in the effort of closing it!!2
Storage ContainerClaudiaGood size, useful4
Light and waterproofHoiIn an effort to reduce plastic use for food storage, I am using these for my kids breakfast ( I would say adults would need 2 of these for a lunch). Yes, you need to “massage” the lid to make sure you get a tight seal, yes the divider doesn’t stay in place ( it’s okay for my purpose for keeping fruit and sandwich separate), but the waterproofness ( for fruit, not for soup) and lightness of it more than make up for those slight drawbacks. My grade school kids have no problem putting the lids on, does take about 10 seconds. I see no other plastic free stainless steel on the market matching its versatility and lightness. Silicone lids pass pinch test.5
Good Container But OK LidJonAs mentioned in other comments the lid isn't easy to put on. But overall good.4
Good idea but bad designJenI like the idea of having a metal container for snack items but the top is hard to get on and then doesn’t stay shut in your backpack. If they redesigned the top to maybe something more sturdy would be a great item!2
Lid is a let-downDuanduanbody build is great, nice finish, shape, and size, but the very soft silicone material of the lid is a design mistake: it's a struggle to align and attach correctly, and for all that trouble, the seal isn't all that reliable. a hard lid with a gasket (not an innovative choice I know... but definitely a more functional one) would have been much more practical. I never reach for this container unless I'm desperate, it's a modest beauty to look at, but to pain to handle and use, which is a pity.2
Lid is hard to put on properlyLeiI have been looking for the perfect container for my preschooler/kindergartener to bring her lunch. I thought I found it. I don’t want plastics for obvious reasons. I don’t trust a small child with glass. And this one is stainless steel, and the price is reasonable. I was so excited that I did not read others’ reviews. The biggest problem is the lid. It’s hard to put on even for an adult. So I’m returning them for sure. Others things to comment: 1. the size is perfect for a child, but I think it would be too small for most adults if you just have this one contains for your lunch. 2. The stainless steel material is a bit thin. Considering the price, I guess one should not be surprises. But the lightweight can be good thing.3
Flimsy lidJackieHad to return product. The lid is a thin flexible silicone and was cut from the divider and splitting on arrival. Also it is the type to attract lint and it takes a little work to massage on to create a proper seal. The metal body itself was good, large and lightweight. The divider is not completely flush so it would not prevent liquid separation FYI. I would not recommend putting anything on top of container and placing pressure on lid.2
Great findCosmaLight and versatile, fits a sandwich and snack in a compact case.5


What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is found in everything from building structures and cars to sinks and knives. It’s easy to see why it has so many uses. Stainless steel is hard and durable and has good resistance to corrosion – namely rust. It generally has a low nickel content, and for IKEA products we mainly use stainless steel that’s nickel-free. Like many other metals, it can be recycled again and again to become new, hardwearing items – without losing its valuable properties.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"When I was a kid, my dad always brought stainless steel lunch boxes to work. This range is inspired by such old-fashioned boxes and various outdoor hiking products, and I’ve added an urban touch. The items should be functional and easy to take with you when you commute or travel on longer trips – and look so nice that you love to use them every day. I like these products since they contribute to a more mobile, sustainable and cost-conscious life."

Designer Stina Lanneskog