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FANBYN Bar stool with backrest, white/indoor/outdoor,

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With its softly shaped seat and armrests, this bar stool provides comfy support for both your back and arms – and makes it ideal for long dinners at the bar table.

Article Number392.602.47

Product details

You sit comfortably thanks to the shaped back and armrests.

Stands firm without damaging the floor since the ends of the legs are covered with rubber.


Tested for: 243 lb

Width: 21 1/4 "

Depth: 24 3/4 "

Height: 40 1/8 "

Seat width: 20 7/8 "

Seat depth: 16 1/2 "

Seat height: 25 1/4 "


DurableLuisa very good quality product, and very comfortable for everyday use5
bar chairYannice5
Love it!LindaExpected this stool to not be as comfortable as it is but it’s shape is contoured to a comfortable position. We have these at our island and love them! They look great and the cost is way less than similar styles fro other companies.I only wish there were more colors especially black. Would buy again.5
Stylish and comfortableAhmetEasy to assemble and made with good materials, the chair surface is easy to clean, but the wood surfaces, especially the foot rest, show dirt and are hard to clean. You do have to vigilant about keeping all the hardware tightened.4
very comfortable my child and I love them.kimbrulaitThey are not easy to put together and you need patience. I want to get the table and more chairs. I've had these for 2 years and you do need to tighten them on occasion but frankly I have a hard time tightening anything! I love these. Also very easy to clean with a little kiddo! They can scratch easily though. But it's not a problem for me.5
Great, modern look!Verified BuyerLove the look, but they start to get loose after a week or two. You have to keep tightening the screws every so often.4
Design FlawVerified BuyerWe purchased 6 of these counter height stools almost two months ago and were very pleased with them initially. Guests constantly complemented the stools. After about a week, we noticed a screw became not just loose, but fell out of the hole. We didn’t think anything of it, assumed it was loose and just screwed it back in. Well, since then, we have had to re-screw one screw or another because we find them on the floor about every other day! Not just on one hole or one stool, but on different ones each time! Having six of them shows that it’s most definitely a flaw in the design of the stool and not an issue with the assembly of it. I can’t imagine taking them apart and returning them, so I we just constantly screw in the screws that fall out.2
Great design and valueVerified BuyerI purchased three of these and assembled them in under an hour. There was only one confounding IKEA diagram (that was meant to communicate that you put bolts in but leave them loose until fully assembled) but it was otherwise a snap. They're attractive, solid, and a great value. Very pleased with the purchase.5
Absolute GarbageANTONELLABought two of these stools today (8/11/2019). Spent a half hour building only to get to step 6 (yes it takes that long to get to step 6) and find out that a nail on the mid piece prevents the nut from fitting on one side. Since I bought two I figured “ugh that’s fine I’ll just switch pieces with the other package so I can at least have 1 seat in my apartment”.....nope. Same problem shows up in box number two. Absolutely returning these and will NOT buy another. Yes the show stool was comfy but not worth the stress of sifting through multiple packages to finally find one that isn’t defective - especially at $90 each.1
Really comfy, but not super easy to installVerified BuyerI thought it would be super easy install, but that wasn't the case. All the center wood pieces need to be aligned just right with each of the legs, or you'll be left with a flawed installation, with a slightly exposed screw at one of the joints. They're super comfy though, and I love the clean lines.4