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This mattress with cooling memory foam adapts to your body contours, relieves pressure and helps you to relax. So that you sleep well and wake up rested and ready for a new day.

Article Number104.887.50

Product details

Memory foam topped with a layer of gel molds to your body just like ordinary memory foam. The difference is that gel takes a longer time to warm up creating a cooler sleeping surface.

A layer of memory foam in the mattress molds to the contours of your body, relieves pressure and helps you to relax.

A generous layer of soft fillings on the top layer of the mattress adds support and comfort.

Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn.

The complete mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. You can read about the terms in the warranty booklet.


IKEA of Sweden

  • All of our mattresses can be used immediately, but keep in mind that a packaged mattress only regains its full shape and comfort after approximately 72 hours. Your body also needs a couple of weeks to adapt to the new mattress.

    Sometimes the mattress has a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and disappears over time. Airing and vacuuming the mattress helps to eliminate the smell faster.

    The cover is not removable.

    To be completed with a slatted bed base or mattress base.

  • Material
    64 % cotton, 36 % polyester
    Ticking, top:
    52 % polyethylene, 48 %polyester
    Ticking, side:
    64 % cotton, 36 %polyester
    Ticking, underside:
    100 %polyester
    Mattress inner cover:
    46 % glass fiber, 32 % viscose/rayon, 22 % nylon
    Comfort material:
    Polyester wadding
    Lining/ Part 3:
    Non-woven polypropylene
    Part 04:
    100 % cotton, 100 % polyester
    Comfort material:
    Polyurethane foam., Polyurethane memory foam.
    Back fabric:
    100 % polyester

    Do not wash.

    Do not bleach.

    Do not tumble dry.

    Do not iron.

    Do not dry clean.


Length: 79 1/2 "

Width: 60 1/4 "

Thickness: 9 7/8 "

  • ÅMSOSENArticle Number104.887.50

    Length: 62 "

    Weight: 76 lb 10 oz

    Diameter: 15 ½ "

    Package(s): 1

MattressGabrielaIt is a bit harder than I thought but a comfortable mattress. Does the job it is supposed to do4
firmnessDonaldNot as firm as I was expecting. Once the bed slats were put in, everything is great!5
Comfortable—Not sure how long it will lastTimothyStarts out firmer than the one in the showroom. Over two to three months it breaks in nicely. Not sure how long it will last before the foam feels saggy. I like it now.4
AmsosenSHARONNeeded a new mattress but I miss a regular matress. Not a fan of the memory mattresses but it better than I thought.4
Very Firm MattressCamille N.I don’t know why this mattress is labeled as medium-firm. It feels firm and nothing like the model in the showroom. Fortunately, my mattress did not have any of the off gassing smell issues that others wrote about, but I really think this mattress should be labeled as firm and I also think it would be helpful to replace the floor model more often so that people could have a better understanding of what is being purchased. Save your money and sleep on the floor unless you really like a true firm mattress. If you are already stuck like me (a few days after the 90 day return), consider adding on the Saatva graphite mattress topper. It does help, but I’m still quite uncomfortable. Or look for a mattress topper that is even softer than that. I’m hoping this mattress will get softer with time as another reviewer advised. I usually do not have problems with IKEA products, so this was a real disappointment.2
Change of Materials?Tim K.We have had this mattress for less than 1 year. It has become most uncomfortable to sleep on. The cooling gel strips start cool, but as the night goes on they become intolerably hot. The cushioning in the mattress has gone from Med firm to very soft. When we purchased this mattress, the ratings were much higher than on review today.2
Terrible Terrible TerribleKristen K.We have had this mattress for a year and we thought we were going to love it but it's terrible, especially for the price of an Ikea mattress. It absorbs body heat to the extreme. If you sleep next to someone, you will experience the heat from them as well and it is unpleasant. I'm young, healthy and shouldn't be waking up drenched in sweat feeling just as tired as I did the night before but it only happens when I sleep on this mattress. Stomach aches from how hot it gets. I toss and turn. Wake up multiple times through out the night to readjust. Fitted sheets don't stay on the mattress. Potentially from all the tossing and turning. They constantly come off the corners and at night which is extremely inconvenient. I wouldn't recommend this mattress to anyone. You might sit on it in the store and think it feels really nice and "cool' to the touch, just as we did, but skip this one. It isn't worth the price or the sleepless nights and hot mornings you'll suffer from.1
Firm but greatDylan P.This bed is labeled medium firm but it is on the firm side. Thats what we wanted. It did not have a smell like the other reviews stated. It aired right up and did not take 72 hours. Nice silky material on the top of the mattresses. So far so good! Compared to other mattress companies this was way more affordable.5
Great quality, TOO firmStephen G.Once the compacted package was opened  I left it  to air out for 24 hours as directed , and any smell completely dissipated. No  problem. It's a high quality product but as others comment here it is MUCH FIRMER than advertised and much firmer than the in-store sample. Since I put it in my summer home we recently began using it. It does not give me the pressure relief I seek as a side sleeper. It 's just TOO firm causing pain and numbness and frequent turning.  I expected more relief of pressure points from the gel/foam combo. I fret I am just days past the return policy. As a senior I can't get it back to the store. As purchased it was rolled and compacted (and heavy) , now it's  full size and I can't handle it or fit it in my car. This is a super high quality mattress as have been my other IKEA  mattresses, maybe great for a very firm mattress lover. IKEA can you help a good customer here? 3
Surprised By The Negative ReviewsHayden N.I needed a cheap mattress for an apartment I was going to be staying in for about 6 months, and this fit the bill. It IS a firm mattress (I think it's advertised as "medium firm" which is not very accurate), but if you have back pain, it's amazingly comfortable. My first night with it I woke up in the morning with almost no pain at all. I also did not notice any latex smell after a couple of days. I highly recommend this.5
Way too firm and smell lasted 2 monthsKERSTIN H.As other reviewers stated, this mattress is not medium firm, it is extremely firm, like sleeping on the floor. I was hoping it would soften over time, but it didn’t. I wake up with lower back pain every day and have been experiencing very unrestful nights tossing and turning. Do not buy unless you like your mattress to be extremely firm without any pressure point relief. I will have to try to exchange it. Also, the smell was initially very bad and even after two months or so I can still smell the chemical latex smell.1
Want to love it but...ELIZABETHIn the store this bed felt like a dream, not to hard, not to soft. We specifically asked how long it had been on the floor to gauge how worn-in it was feeling, and wrre told it had been on the floor for a month. It's been 3.5 months now and the bed is still as hard as a rock as it was the first night we slept on it - after letting it open for the full 72 hours recommended to expand fully. We had the option of exchanging it within the first 3 months of owning it, but COVID in our home in mid-April mafe it impossible to return it for exchange. Just a bummer all around.2
Going to sinking downNadiaGoing to sinking down2
Horrible off gassing of harmful VOCs and Ikea refuses to give us our money backKatherine H.We got this matress in exchange for the poor quality Haugesund which was advertised as firm but actually is soft with no support. We had to pay about 300 dollars more to purchase this matress which felt good in store. The moment we opened it it smelled of chemicals. We aired it out for 3 days and then slept on it. The chemical smell was so strong that we woke up with headaches and stuffy noses. I am pregnant and sleeping on a matress that is off gassing vocs is not safe for me or the baby. We have kept this matress in a well ventilated room for over a week with fans and windows open and it still is off gassing vocs and strong hortible chemical smells. The whole room smells of it. This matress was suposed to be for me and a new born baby but it is not safe. Ikea will only exchange it for store credit but we need a matress to sleep on and we do not trust the quality and safety of Ikea matresses any longer. Its not right to cause health problems with your products & offer no refund.1
Much Firmer Than AdvertisedDrew H.Went bed shopping in store with my mom who was recovering from a major back surgery and needed a new mattress. She picked this one and enjoyed it at first. Several months later she was waking up in pain because the mattress was just too firm. I personally have a firm mattress and I found this on the same firmness level as mine. I tried to exchange in store for a mattress that was softer but IKEA would not allow it since the mattress was used and it was outside of the 90 day policy. So now we are stuck with a mattress that is too firm and had to buy a new mattress that was better suited for her back from a different store. Wish IKEA could be more accommodating since we wanted to spend our money there but the manager said no. Needless to say, if you do not like your mattress firm, I would recommend something softer than this despite being advertised as medium-firm.2
Enough firmness to feel comfortKYUSUKEverything was great except smell. When we packed it out, we could smell a kind of strange latex. The smell lasted for 2 months.5
**EDITED Review** IKEA Resolved My Issue!Barbara M.I wrote a review last month about how I was not satisfied with the Amsosen bed and felt stuck with it. IKEA reached out to me and wanted to hear my concerns. They asked me to provide more details. After reviewing the documents and details I shared with them, they kindly offered me the choice of an exchange or a refund. I chose the refund. They also offered to pick up the bed. The store rep gladly accepted the exchange with little explanation. Customer service had provided excellent notes about my refund request. My credit card was refunded quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of service IKEA provided. For this reason, I am giving this review 5 stars, based on IKEA's concern to resolve my issue. I have purchased many items from IKEA and will continue to be a customer. Although this bed did not work for me, I am thankful to IKEA for their concern. I am well-pleased!5
Horrible! Too Hard for a Gel Foam MattressBarbara M.I first purchased the HAUGSVÄR medium/firm mattress. It was way too hard, so I exchanged it for the ÅMSOSEN, a gel memory foam mattress, expecting it to be better. Big mistake! The ÅMSOSEN is even harder! The memory foam does not cool, fails to relieve pressure or contour to my body or relax me, as it advertises. I'm 140 lbs, healthy, with no chronic pain of any type. Since my exchange, this mattress has been nothing but hard. I feel like I'm sleeping on a board, and awake with back pain! Plus, it still has some type of off-gassing smell, which I smell each time I change the linen. However, I am stuck with it since Ikea only allows one exchange. I have had it since May 2021, in pristine condition, and it's still as hard as the first day I purchased it. I really expected better and was hoping to get a good night's sleep. What an overall disappointment! Twice!1
Great valueJack E.I purchased this mattress after discovering that I needed a more firm mattress for back pain. I have had the best night’s sleep after purchasing this mattress, and for such a great price. It is supportive, but also contours to your body to feel the memory foam.5
Don't purchase this mattressAmin N.I had always used medium-firm spring or hybrid mattresses in the past. About a month ago I purchased this gel memory foam mattress from the local IKEA. However, even from the first night, it was obvious this is not the right choice for me. For the first 30 min it feels fine but as the night goes on you start feeling you're sleeping on the hard floor which makes me toss and turn continually to avoid pain. When I wake up in the morning my lower back pain is the first thing I feel. Overall, I have been very uncomfortable and unhappy with this mattress and I will definitely exchange it.1