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Residential construction

We help developers and construction companies to create functional, modern and affordable solutions for complete homes or specific rooms, taking into account every detail. We design all types of projects, large and small, for all types of buildings, for reform, new construction and pilot apartments. We can help you reform your home or create a decoration project to increase its value.
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Taking care of the enviroment

For IKEA, sustainability is one of the most important pillars in the development of our products. Our effort in caring for the environment has been absolutely crucial along with the form, the quality, the function and the price. 

A wooden and white kitchen with wooden tables, chair, and a white cart.
A TV stand with a flat screen TV against a white wall.
A wardrobe solution in a bedroom with a large window.
A bathroom sink cabinet with a mirror.
A kitchen island with white cabinets on the wall.
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All the kitchen and storage systems to optimize your space.  

SEKTION kitchen
PAX system
GODMORGON bathroom

This solution contains a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for their intended use in your area. Contact IKEA for Business for more information about the range.

We can help you every step of the way

As a business customer, you can do everything yourself - but you don't have to. We offer personal help with the entire purchase from planning to delivery and assembly. If you need it, start your purchase with by contacting our Business team.

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Find flexible and affordable ways to get your to-dos done.

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Tools to help you plan your space.

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The product(s) referenced in this page may contain a mix of products developed for commercial and residential use. Please verify individual certifications and related tests for each desired product and exercise discretion with respect to which products are safe and suitable for any intended use before purchasing. Contact IKEA for Business at 1-888-888-4532 for more information about the range.