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Decorative plates, bowls & dishes

Whether you gravitate toward glass, shining metal or more natural materials like stoneware, bamboo or rattan, our decorative bowls, plates and dishes serve up some seriously stylish options that just might bowl you over.

Decorative plates and bowls for your home

Our modern lives often demand that we be proficient multitaskers, and we think the items we bring into our homes should be held to the same standard. Our decorative plates and bowls are fashionable and functional, and up to changing with the seasons or the demands of the day.

Decorating with functional pieces gives you options

All the decorative bowls and plates we offer are decidedly display-worthy all on their own, but with so many ways to incorporate them into every room, you can have your bowls and plates and enjoy using them, too…

  • Create a Rotating Centerpiece: Our wire decorative baskets and glass bowls make ideal centerpieces for your kitchen table or island—simply switch out what’s inside for a whole new look, from ornaments to oranges. Change with the seasons, the holidays or simply your mood!
  • Encourage Healthy Habits: Kids and adults alike often grab what’s most convenient when hunger strikes. Make it easy to make healthy choices by keeping a decorative bowl stocked with fresh fruit, nuts and more in one of the first spots you see when you enter your kitchen
  • Make Mornings Easier: Keep a decorative bowl or plate on your entryway or hallway table, ready to hold everything you’ll need for the day ahead, such as keys, sunglasses and gloves
  • Mix and Match Materials and Colors: Our decorative plates and bowls are offered in an array of materials and hues to suit every style, including gold and silver metal, colored glass, wire, rattan and more. Choose a material and design that complements what you’ll plan to display inside, or opt for contrast

Frequently asked questions about our bowls

Q: How do you display decorative plates?

A: Decorative plates are commonly displayed on easels, in curio cabinets and hutches, or hung on the wall. They can also be displayed by being used as centerpieces on dining tables, coffee tables and entryway tables.

Q: What do you display in decorative bowls?

A: Decorative bowls can be used for displaying a wide variety of items, including fresh fruit, candles, seashells and stones, marbles and glass gems, or natural rustic elements, like dried flowers and pinecones.