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Create the perfect room lighting with spotlights

When it comes to great lighting in the home, take after set directors in the theater business: Ask yourself what you want to stand out and then use indoor spotlights to bring your vision into reality. Spotlight fixtures help you control lighting direction to highlight stunning pieces of art, help you get that fine chop on herbs in the kitchen and prevent your buddy Karl from seeing things differently during a game of basement ping pong. The flexibility of adjustable lamps means that as you rearrange your furniture, your little one decides to practice their recital or Karl moves the ping pong table deep into your basement’s shadowy recesses, you can easily redirect light exactly where you need it. Nice try, Karl.

Types of spotlights

There’s no diva here. All types of spotlights share the spotlight in providing flexible lighting in the home. Any of them are headliners. It just depends on the look and feel you want. 

Want to have light disperse evenly downward from high up above over your kitchen island or counter? Go with ceiling LED track lighting with individually adjustable spotlights. 

Wall spotlights are great options to position above paintings or portraits in the living room. They also provide a great option to help you get through that page turner when placed over the headboard in the bedroom. 

Wall clamp spotlights offer the flexibility of being mounted in the wall to highlight your spouse’s latest painting while being able to be clamped onto their easel while creating their next masterpiece.

Put a spotlight on your style

Add uplighting to brighten up dark corners of a room to capture those magic moments, such as when all your fur babies are finally snuggling up together while also finally being at peace with the sick argyle sweaters you knitted for them.  

Speaking of stunning—did you see that indoor jade plant in a beech wood planter? Of course you did thanks to the clamp spotlight that helps it shine with soft, yet crisp LED light that runs way cooler than incandescent bulbs. Just as LED spotlights won’t harm your plants, they’ll be gentle to your sculptures or artwork while clamped to any stands or pedestals. Want lights to dazzle from overhead or along the wall while you step into your wardrobe? Make yourself and your partner feel like superstars with glare free LED lighting that won’t wake up your significant other if you have to get up an hour earlier than them.