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NÄVLINGE LED wall/clamp spotlight, black

Price $ 23.99
NÄVLINGE LED wall/clamp spotlight, black
NÄVLINGE LED wall/clamp spotlight, white

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In the NÄVLINGE series there are lamps for most needs. These are neat lamps with a design that blends into the room and they are easy to use anywhere in the home – and provide good, glare-free light.

Article Number304.083.28

Product details

The lamp can be mounted in two ways: as a clamp spotlight or as a wall lamp.

You can light up even the smallest space in your home and put it to practical use with this super-slim lamp.

You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable.

The lamp is lightweight and easy to move and it simply clamps firmly in place.

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


Henrik Preutz


Luminous flux: 220 Lumen

Length: 25 "

Cord length: 6 ' 7 "

Power: 2 W

Estimated life: 25000 hr


Vertical bar doesn't stay in placeHannsThe rubber tube in the clamp that is meant to hold the vertical bar in place is useless. Any time you try to adjust the gooseneck, the vertical bar slides down.2
A light for anythingGinaSuch a versatile lamp you can use anywhere5
GreatAprilPerfect reading light I attached to my headboard fir night time reading. Thank you5
Reading lightAngelaThis was super easy to assemble and looks great on our headboard. Just placed in the middle so we both can use.5
Great Desk LampStephenGreat lamp, easy to mount anywhere using the turnscrew. The light is bright and focused, suitable for reading. The 'color' of the light is a warm white so not fatiguing for reading. Very nice.5
Great minimalist light!NancyI was apprehensive to buy it after I read one review ripping it apart but I’m glad I did! I have the Tarva bed and I hadn’t been able to find anything to fit on the pieces of wood on the headboard but the clamp on this lamp is ingenious because it adjusts in a way that I had not seen before. I don’t think you’ll be sorry buying this lamp and if you are you have plenty of time to return it lol! It’s a very nice small design. Great for a little reading in bed before you go to sleep!5
Disappointingly poor designRodney T.Light output is as expected: good for a small area, or as a reading lamp. Design is disappointing. 1) The plug has a transformer into which the lamp cable plugs in. It sticks out four inches from the wall before the cable can flex. It’s not easy to accommodate furniture near the wall when this is plugged in. Ugly too. Make the plug 90° or add an option so it can rotate between straight and 90°. 2) The lamp slips down a bit every time the lamp head is adjusted. This is an adjustable lamp with a stiff proximal and flexible distal neck. The stiff part slides into the holder/clamp. When the lamp head is adjusted the assembly slips down through the hole in the holder/clamp and then time is wasted resetting it to the desired height. 3) The on/off switch is located on the cord 10.5 inches below the bottom of the lamp assembly. Awkward to use. Placement at the stiff-flexible junction on the arm, or at the head would be much better. Was this design tested before production?2
Perfect sizeVanessaNeeded something small & that wouldn’t take up much room. This clamped perfectly on my desk and can be aimed in any direction:)5
Exactly what I was looking forMicheleThese lights fill a specific need for us. We needed low profile lights for a window seat and only had 3” molding to mount them. They are perfect for this and look sharp. The reason for 4 stars is that, when mounted directly to the wall, the mount can be moved a little too easily particularly for those with children. That said, I would buy them again.4
Vesatile and economicalBillNice product that will have to be replaced when the LED expire4
Perfect Reading LightEllenGrabbed this to attach to a torchiere lamp in our living room. This attached easily to the odd shaped lamp base, is very adjustable, and gives off the perfect amount and hue for reading (other tries from another source were much too harsh). Pleased my very picky hubby!5
Horrible, disappointedTeresaAfter struggling to figure out how to hang this thing with photos not words, finally got correct screws ((WHY not include these?!) and managed to get clamp to stay somewhat secure to wall (kept spinning side to side) slid rod in place and turned it on...okay...but very nervous about stability, especially when adjusting light, whether it is going to fall apart. Took my screwdrivers downstairs to garage, meanwhile husband went upstairs, saw light, came down and said Oh I see it slides down the rod 🤨 so in just the few minutes I have been gone it already slid down on its own! This is going to be pretty worthless unless we use the clamp which we do not want to do because we do not have a headboard. Also I have the tabletop version of this light, over past few months have noticed it seem to flicker, I thought I might be imagining things, had forgotten about it until just read another review saying light flickered. Both of these lights likely to end up in trash soon.1
The light is a 'yellow'AnitaThe light is a 'yellow' tinted light and not a 'white' light Was disappointed about that, but still helps me with what I need to see.4
NAVLINGEYvonneThis is my second one---I have both black and white. They're great. Good light, easy use, unobtrusive.5
Bright well designed bedside lightStephenI bought 3 and on one the light stem would slide too easily, the others had just the right amount of resistance. easily adaptable to a shelf and can be mounted on a wall but you have to provide the screws depending on your wall material.5
Lots of light, easy toGeorgiLots of light, easy to attach5
It is exactly what IJoyIt is exactly what I wanted.5
Practical headboard lampMargaretVery bright headboard light which I use for reading in bed. Was challenging to find in the store.4
Easy to useBARBARAThis light is easy to install and puts out a lot of light. The clamp works well.5
Great little reading light! TheEricaGreat little reading light! The light is a warm and soft glow. It is really easy to clamp to just about anything and looks really slick.5