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Ceiling track lighting

Adjustable ceiling track lighting, including LED ceiling spotlights, let you direct the light wherever you want it. You can light up a lovely painting, beautiful ornaments on a shelf or your book collection. Show off your favorite things and the reflected light adds atmosphere to the room, too.

Update your home with track lighting 

Track lighting provides a versatile and stylish solution for lighting in any room of the home. With adjustable spotlights and arms, it’s easy to direct light wherever you need it to go. And the configuration of your lighting arrangements are customizable since individual spotlights can be completed with other lamps in the same series or track lighting with multiple lamps can be paired with other sets of lights.

Picking the right track lighting for your room

Perhaps you’d like to show off your Thanksgiving spread with a little extra flare this year. Well, that could call for kitchen track lighting with 4 or 5 adjustable spotlights suspended over your kitchen island. Just as you can customize each lamp to hit the gleam of platters and serving trays, you can do the same with a 3-lamp living room track light that illuminates a trophy case or bookshelf. Want to highlight how much you appreciate your spouse and their art? Perhaps surprise them by placing a single ceiling spotlight over their painting that will hang a bit more majestically with added illumination. Three-spotlight track lighting can be great for larger wardrobes or bedroom closets, as well as recesses in bedrooms or over bedroom vanity tables. There’s a selection of modern, sleek track lighting ready to adjust the mood and ambience on a whim while reflecting your sense of style. 

Track lighting installation

When selecting track lighting for any room, consider what your focal points are. For instance, do you want to illuminate just that homerun ball you caught at the game with dad when you were 9, or do you want to illuminate every piece in the dining set Aunt Maggie bought you for your wedding? That could be the choice between 1 spotlight or track lighting with 3 or 4 lamps. Ceiling height is another consideration. Whereas 3-lamp track lighting could do for a low ceiling, a higher ceiling could require more lighting to illuminate a dining room table far below. Just as we all like to rearrange furniture for parties or to just change things up, these customizable track lights are ready to go with the flow in offering the precise tone preference in illumination for any situation in any room of the house. All IKEA spotlights and track lighting feature a hardwired installation.

Frequently asked questions about track lighting

What is the difference between track lighting and rail lighting?

Track lighting and fixed rail lighting differ in significant ways. Fixed rail lighting is usually wall mounted instead of ceiling mounted—oftentimes in bathrooms over vanity mirrors.

What are the different types of track lighting?

Besides choosing between tracking lighting with 1 spotlight or groups of 3, 4, or 5, there’s the option to choose track lighting with adjustable spotlights as well as movable track light arms.

Can you add lights to track lighting?

You can combine individual spotlights or track lighting sets with other units in the same series. Each set of tracking lighting has a defined number of spots for light bulbs (3, 4, or five bulbs).