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Kids chairs

Kids don't need adult-sized furniture to get comfortable. They can sit on children's chairs in their size, instead. Find different styles, including options that you can use both indoors and out. They're durable and simple to keep clean, plus they're lightweight, so they're easy to move.

Kids chairs

Add a sense of wondrous fun to children's playtime by giving your little ones furniture all their own. Kids chairs make it easy for children to go off into their own world, whether they're having tea time with their friends and siblings, or Mr. Bear & an assortment of other stuffed animals who really love tea. Find a selection of colorful, fun childrens chairs in lively colors or with cute designs that can be any child's favorite reading chair or seat when doing arts and crafts at a matching childrens table. From lightweight plastic chairs with a delightful, cartoonish look, to solid wood chairs and miniature childrens versions of selections from the IKEA chair selection for adults, there are kids chairs that will be right at home in the bedroom, playroom or living room.

Types of kids chairs

Keeping in mind how kids gain a sense of importance by being able to do what grownups can do, the IKEA kids chair collection borrowed some ideas by     replicating classic chairs just for kids. They can sink into an armchair whose stylish, curved lines in birch veneer provide nice support for the neck and back along with lush cushioning under playful dinosaur or cat designs on the seat liner.Or go with an upholstered fabric wingback chair with armrests fit for any princess or prince that can match your furniture or stick out to your little one's delight. Find kids chairs and stools made of solid wood that match childrens tables in the same series.  Of course, having a look and feel all their own can make kids chairs all the more cherished and enjoyable. To that end, go with plastic childrens chairs and stools whose playful curves and bright colors seem pulled right from a cartoon. Find   matching tables in the same series to complete the look while inspiring the imagination at arts and crafts. There's even a cradling, egg shaped swivel chair with a collapsible fabric shell for when your little one wants a cozy hideaway.

How to choose the perfect kids chair

As with any chair, being comfortable takes top priority. From proper back support in wooden or plastic chairs that helps little ones stay focused while crafting a masterpiece with their crayons, to cushioned chairs with armrests and cradling back and neck support while reading, there is a wide variety of kids chairs built for comfort. From there, choose the right height for your little one by making sure their feet can comfortably touch the ground. Then match the right materials with the activity at hand. Choose easy-to-clean plastic chairs for arts and crafts time. Go with comfy upholstered fabric kids chairs to give your child a new favorite place for reading or being read to.