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Kids outdoor furniture

Little ones don't need big, adult-sized furniture to get comfortable. Why not go for something their size, instead? You can find kids outdoor table and chairs in different styles that is durable and easy to keep clean.

Set the kids outdoor table for hours and hours of fun

Whether it’s time for your kids to assemble stuffed animals and friends for tea, sit down for arts and crafts or simply enjoy a kid’s plate at the BBQ, durable kids outdoor tables and chairs will make for lasting good times for all small children ages 3 and over.

Get the little ones ready for outdoor fun, all year round

Our kid’s outdoor picnic table combines the cute, miniature look of the adult version with the hardiness and elegant look of sustainably sourced acacia. The pretreated wood will hold up to any spills or any wet swimsuits during a pool party. Unlike normal picnic tables, you don’t have to be dressed like your child’s favorite superhero to move or easily stack these ones.

Same goes for our BPA-free polypropylene UTTER kid’s table that’s a great fit for craft or snack time, whether indoors or outdoors. As opposed to the average coffee table, this kid’s table is indifferent to juice spills, paint splatter or whatever tracks Mr. Fluffy—who definitely does not want to get picked up—can leave behind. It’s perfect for outdoors since it’s made to resist the sun, rain, snow and dirt. Just wipe clean with a dampened soft cloth and mild dish soap and you’re ready to stack or easily disassemble and put away. Combine with the lightweight kid’s chairs from the same series.

Our MAMMUT kid’s outdoor tables and chairs are made from the same harmless BPA-free plastic from the UTTER series. Besides being made to resist sun, rain, snow and any stains play can throw at them, their cartoonish look with soft, rounded features and bright colors adds to the fun for any gathering. Complete the set with MAMMUT kid’s outdoor chairs and stools available in a variety of vibrant colors.