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Red decor

Think of fire, passion or maybe a tomato. The goal with red home decor is to make your interiors spicy, hot and full of life. Shop here to find red decor for the whole home. Unleash your inner fire and make a statement. It’s time to start decorating with a passion!

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More optionsSTÖRTSKÖN Scented candle in glass 40 hr

STÖRTSKÖN Scented candle in glass, Berries/red, 20 hr

More optionsROSENSLÅN Scented candle in ceramic jar 25 hr

ROSENSLÅN Scented candle in ceramic jar, amber & rose/red/brown, 45 hr

More optionsBJÖRKSTA Picture and frame 55x39 ¼ "

BJÖRKSTA Picture and frame, doorway/black, 55x39 ¼ "
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Unleash your inner fire

Red immediately grabs your attention. In the science of color theory, it is associated with stimulation and enthusiasm. That’s why it’s used as the color for traffic lights and stop signs. Red is a bold choice that gives a pop of life and excitement to any room in your home. While some people might choose red sofas or other large furniture pieces, a subtler option is red accents like wall art, candles, wall clocks and similar smaller items. This kind of nuanced red decor can make your home look more stylish and chic, bringing that extra vitality and energy you’ve always been looking for.

Decorating with red

Red is a warm tone, similar to yellow and orange. It can add a sense of comfort and homeliness to a space. On the other hand, while red typically feels bold and passionate, it can also create a feeling of intimacy and even depth. It all depends on which shade of red home decor you choose. In interior design circles, another commonly mentioned benefit of red is that it never goes out style. This makes it a timeless hue that can fit into lots of room designs, styles and color schemes as trends come and go.

Which rooms does red home decor work well in?

Depending on what colors and styles they’re paired with, red accents can work almost anywhere in your home. Shop here for trendy items including red kitchen accessories and red bathroom accessories that spice up these often forgotten spaces. You can also create a stylish bedroom or living room by adding the right red decorations to uplift the mood. It’s just a matter of picking a shade of red that works for you and blending it well with all the furniture around it.