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ANTILOP High chair tray, white

Price $ 5.00

How to get it

It can get quite messy when your child is learning to eat on their own. This white tray with a raised edge collects both food and beverage spills – and is easy to wipe off when the meal is over.

Article Number501.975.70

Product details

Raised edge prevents spills from ending up on the floor.

We know that children's skin is extra sensitive, but not to worry. This product has been tested, approved and is completely free from substances that may harm your child's skin or health.


IKEA of Sweden


Length: 16 1/2 "

Width: 16 1/2 "

Thickness: 1 5/8 "


Great productThomasineI loved everything I got. You can never go wrong at IKEA!!5
PerfectAmberLove the simplicity and smooth look5
Tray clips breaksJoyWe purchased 12 high chairs for our new maternity house and thought I was going to love them. The clips that hold it in near the seat all break. I need to replace at least 4 or 5 trays already. As soon as you try to take the tray off, they snap off. Sounds like this is an issue with other people as well.2
UnsafeAshleyI’m wanted to like this, it’s so simple and pretty easy to clean. In the two months I’ve had it, I only used it a handful of times (usually I just put the high chair up to the table). The clips that hold the it closer to the back broke. My baby leaned forward, pushing the tray down. Since the clips broke, it fell down and he looked like he was going to flip out over the front. This needs a new design or to be discontinued. I had read about this happening but thought maybe it was due to misuse or extremely old trays, etc.: but I’ve barely had it and barely used it.1
Easy to replaceDeyanira C.My Grandaughter’s high chair tray fell and a tab broke off and I was able to order a new one online and it fits perfectly! I love how inexpensive and easy to replace this was5
Tray tabs break easilyAmyFirst and foremost I have been a big IKEA fan and faithful customer for 15+ years. I was really excited to purchase this high chair for my first child as I have heard really great reviews from friends! Unfortunately though as others here have mentioned it’s difficult to remove the tray and after a handful of uses the back tabs broke. Regretfully I purchased this while pregnant so the 180d return window has passed, and IKEA stores are hours away. I am hopeful the team can improve this flaw because the difficulty of removing the tray and now the wobble due to the broke pieces is dangerous. It is unfortunate because otherwise it is a great high chair.2
Tray for the high chairSerafinePleased to find this replacement tray for my IKEA hi chair. Fast and reasonable shipping!5
Best High Chairs EverKimberly D.I own several childcare centers and these high chairs are the BEST! Easy to assemble, easy to clean, affordable. Make sure to watch the YouTube videos on hacks to make them easier to get the trays on and off! Wouldn't use anything else!5
Everything was good, but weKariEverything was good, but we got 3 random extra products we didn't order that we are trying to figure out how to return easily.5
Zero starsRachelBroke after the 3rd time using it. The method in which to remove it is to push down on the corner and just pull really hard on the front. Yes that’s the method. Best case scenario it sends the food from they tray flying. Worst case it breaks. I regret buying this.1
Tray breaks easily...EllenLooking everywhere for a replacement tray because after about 5 months of use, the tray tabs have broken off. we hand wash and have had no signs of wear until it finally just snapped and scared my daughter...1
Hard to installMonikaThe tray is large and easy to clean, but a little piece broke off when I took it off. I may have pulled too hard, so make sure to observe well when you install, so you know how to remove it safely. I learned my lesson. We got the chair second hand, it came without the tray and we are glad to find the attachment at the store, so we don't regret getting it.2
FlimsySarahI purchased the high chair and a tray, but unfortunately, the tabs that attach the tray have broken off within a couple weeks of use. Sometimes Ikea quality is good, but with these you get what you pay for! The chair is still in good shape, so we're buying 2 more trays and hoping they will hold up better.2
Highchair traysMicheleI have been purchasing these trays for years the last 2 shipments I have received has had several defective trays in the order. The tabs on these trays are breaking within a couple uses. We know how to put on and remove. Just very frustrating. please review the product to make sure the quality is still there. thank you!1
PerfectAmberLove the simplicity and smooth look5
Great productThomasineI loved everything I got. You can never go wrong at IKEA!!5
Bad quality don't but itDanaWaist of money1
Be prepared to replace this on your own dimeKateAs others have noted, the tray is difficult to remove; because of that, I just left the tray attached. After a month of use, there came one mess that just really required a sink clean-up. Popped the tray off with a BANG, washed it, and reattached. About a week later, needed to wash it again. Pulled off the tray, and realized that one of the tabs holding the tray onto the side of the chair (near the top of one of the U arms) had split -- not broken off, but split down the middle, as though the plastic was too weak and failed. The tray can be attached still, but it wobbles on that side; not ideal for safety. IKEA telephone customer service will not provide a replacement, as the damage was caused "while the product was in use". Perhaps I would have gotten a different response in person, but my nearest physical store in the USA is hours away. Sure, the tray is only $8, but paying another $6 for shipping on top of that, for a part with a clear design flaw, is rather irksome.1
Poor qualityBruchaThe plastic piece that holds the tray in place breaks off very easily with normal use.2

Let the youngest ones join the table

All children, no matter where they grow up, have similar needs the first years – for example to try out new exciting food and practice their eating skills. A good way to learn is to watch how others do. These insights guided our engineer John Forsén as he developed ANTILOP – a highchair that lets children and their parents spend time together around the dining table. Along the way, John also learned that one way to create affordable furniture that simplifies people’s lives is doing things a bit differently.

IKEA products are normally developed through collaboration between a designer and an engineer – the designer does sketches and the engineer makes constructional drawings. But with ANTILOP, John went straight to creating a computer model. "I had an idea of how the finished result should look, so I started by calculating where the legs had to be, and at what angle, to get a safe and stable construction", he explains.

A smart construction led to a low price

To get a low price, a simple construction was needed. "I focused on the necessities. ANTILOP is optimized to be strong and easy to manufacture. The fact that we use plastic and steel, and very little of it, enabled the low price", says John. The construction also makes it easy to bring the chair with you whenever it's mealtime out of the home. Or have an extra chair waiting at the grandparents when the grownups are out for dinner on their own.

A low price, but not at any cost

But the definition of good furniture covers more than a low price. The quality has to be there, too. And it is. We take the toughest demands in each region and by regular quality and safety inspections we make sure ANTILOP lives up to all of them. If a new law or standard is introduced we test the chair again. All in all, ANTILOP shows that doing things differently when creating good furniture can be just the way to do it.