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Baking pans & molds

Breads, cakes, muffins, or cookies? Whatever you fancy, our baking pans and cake molds have it covered. They’re a breeze to use and wash up, as both metal tins and silicone rubber baking molds release the finished food easily. Check out the selection, try your favorite recipes and enjoy your very own freshly baked creations!

A variety of cake pans to choose from

From durable baking pans for cookies or pastries to pie plates for cheesecakes or pies, find everything you need to bake any delicious dessert or everyday snack.  

Find loaf pans for grandma’s banana bread recipe, classic cake molds that can help your rum bundt cake shine—and be shaped—like a diamond, cake pans for making red velvet cake with cream cheese icing or baking frames for three-layer cake. Create beautiful patterns on cakes with beautifully engraved baking tins. Use a springform pan with detachable sides to make everything from olive oil cake or dense cornbread to quiche or deep dish pizza. Get muffin trays and cookie cutters to help you delight the kids. Use ramekins to make a budino or crème brulee for a date night at home. 

Baking pans for all sorts of seasonal stylings

Hit all the holiday high notes with pie plates and cake molds. Enjoy apple and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving or snow capped cranberry bundt cake for any holiday. Use circular cookie cutters for shaping fun holiday cookies or for cutting holiday cakes into individual servings to then decorate. Use classic cake molds to bring elaborate designs to holiday cakes such as aunt Cindy’s cherished rum cake. 

Frequently asked questions about baking pans and cake molds

What are the different types of baking pans?

Sheet trays, cookie trays, roasting pans, loaf pans, cake molds and springform pans.

What is the difference between a baking tray and an oven tray?

While they can be used interchangeably, baking trays may have higher sides.

How do you bake in a cake mold?

 Take advantage of non-stick coating in some IKEA cake mold or apply a thin layer of butter or cooking grease before applying cake batter. 

What materials are used for baking pans?

IKEA baking pans that use anodized aluminum for a durable surface so that you can keep baking for years. Aluminum in cake molds and baking pans or galvanized steel in springfield pans, pie plates and loaf tins provide even heating for more consistent and well-baked desserts and pastries. Find cake molds made of silicone rubber for easy separation when you’re done baking. Besides the oven, the silicone mold can also go in the freezer.