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Mixing bowls

Working on a cake with the kids or making your special marinade sauce for the barbecue? Our mixing bowls are versatile and can be used for more than cooking and baking prep. With a spout on one side and a handle on the other, these mixing bowls and sets are great for spill-free pouring, too. Less mess, more fun. It's a great recipe!

Make things easier in the kitchen with a few mixing bowls

When it’s time to remix ingredients on their way to becoming those muffins everyone can’t get enough of or your chocolate chip cookies that are always a hit, you’re gonna need a bigger bowl than the ones you eat cereal out of.

Baking a red velvet cake or whipping up pancakes for the kids in the morning? Get out mixing bowls with smart features such as anti-slip rubber rings or rubber feet that keep it steady. Whisk eggs, flour, milk and sugar with confidence for nutella breakfast crepes or everything you need to make Aunt Suzie’s famous carrot cake.

Pouring scores of muffin batter into loads of pans for the school bake off is easy with a convenient pouring spout. Find kitchen mixing bowls that help you maintain a better ergonomic posture with a smart tilt position for whisking and pouring. Choose mixing bowls with handles that offer more precise pouring. Use the spout side for filling cake molds and switch to the elongated handle to keep yourself from overfilling smaller cupcake molds. 

Right size bowl for the right size meal

There’s a big difference between your volume needs with mixing bowls when you’re making an omelet for two versus batter for a three-tiered layer cake. Find mixing bowl sets that offer a small (2.4 qt) and big option (3.9 qt). Or go with an all-purpose baking bowl for batches of muffins or large cakes with a 101 oz volume (3.1 qt) that allows you to tilt the bowl as well as pour through a spout or convenient handle.

Frequently asked questions about mixing bowls

What kind of bowl is best for mixing?

One with high sides and a volume that meets your needs. Choose a smaller mixing bowl for small batches of cookies, making a marinade for a small piece of fish or whisking a few eggs to make a batter for a few pieces of fried chicken. Go with big mixing bowls when making large cakes or a big batch of any type of baked good.

What is a mixing bowl most commonly used for?

Whipping together batter for crepes, pancakes, cakes and cookies in the kitchen is perhaps the most common use for mixing bowls or baking bowls. They can also be helpful for tossing salads, seasoning roasted potatoes or French fries (just add salt and pepper and shake), or holding your bread crumbs and seasoned flour when frying fish or chicken.

Should you use plastic mixing bowls?

Yes, given that plastic makes for durable, lightweight mixing bowls that are easy to lift and clean. Besides being partially made with renewable materials, IKEA mixing bowls, as with all food contact IKEA products, are free of harmful additives such as BPA (Bisphenol A).