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Interior Design Styles & Trends

Discover style inspiration to start creating your dream home! Our curation offers home décor styles and trends for every taste, that many can love and few can copy, all at affordable prices. Whether you're seeking the clean lines of a modern home, the rustic charm of farmhouse, or the cozy feel of a traditional home, you can easily shop decorating solutions by our most popular home furnishing styles and trends below.

Shop international & global
Find home furnishings and décor with a twist of international flair for a playfully eclectic, elegantly urban space.

Shop modern & contemporary
Discover simple and functional, innovative and bold designs for a modern, uncluttered home.

Shop traditional
Bring comfort, elegance and beauty to everyday life with a look that's homey, decorative and inspired by nature.

Shop scandinavian
Embrace our Swedish roots with home furnishings and décor in a unique mix of colors, materials and patterns that are folkloristic.

Shop warm minimalism
Strike a balance between uncluttering your space and welcoming stylish, personal touches in an intentional way.

Shop mid century modern
Embrace simplicity, functionality and playfulness with clean lines and retro style vibes.

Shop scandinavian bohemian
Bring together the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design with the natural vibes and free-spiritedness of bohemian style.

Shop industrial
Explore a stripped-back design style inspired by mixed materials and the rugged look of timeworn urban factories and warehouses.

Shop farmhouse
Bring simple décor and everyday accessories that embrace coziness, rustic charm and natural touches into your home.

How to find your decorating style

The most important part of creating a style in your home is choosing décor you connect with. It should express your personality and make you feel excited to show off your creativity. A good place to start is to learn more about the different decorating styles and possibilities out there. It’s also important to make sure the themes between your different rooms flow well together, and that you have enough space and décor to complete the look. To find inspiration, dig through your closet and get a feel for what your personal aesthetic might be. You can also browse online to find ideas for rooms that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

The most important accessories for decorating the home

When choosing accessories for home decoration, it’s best to keep in mind the must-haves. These are basic items that every home needs, but they can also be used to create a special character for each room in your house. For example, every home needs some kind of art and several purely decorative pieces, which serve to express your tastes and creativity. Houseplants are also an important basic, but the type, number and placement you choose aligns with your personal style. Other important home accents are candles, mirrors, rugs, vases and bowls along with other essentials that together create the atmosphere and ambiance of your home.