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College living that’s inspired by you

So much to do, so little time. Find all the college essentials and dorm room furniture you need to embark on your college journey at IKEA. With affordable, best-in-class solutions it's easy to turn any college living situation into the perfect place to study, sleep, and make uniquely your own. IKEA has everything you need to get ready for college.

Live your best dorm life

Whether you’re sharing with a roomie or going solo, we’ve got all the college dorm essentials you’ll need for even the smallest spaces.

Dorm room essentials

Staying on top of off-campus living

Whether you have a studio apartment or a house full of roommates, carve out a space that’s just for you. Find solutions for any kind of college apartment at IKEA.

College apartment essentials

Studying remotely? We've got you covered.

It’s the start of a new chapter. We can help you give that familiar space a college makeover.

Virtual and commuter student essentials

The IKEA Gift Card is the perfect graduation present.

Give your student what they need to start designing their ideal college space. But remember, if you help them create the perfect room, you’ll have to remind them they still have to go to class. 

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Your dream dorm

Let's make sure your dorm room matches the excitement you have about going to college. We’ve got lots of functional college furniture and all the other dorm room essentials that will help you get the most out of any dorm room, or at least your half of it.

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Financing Options

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Set your apartment apart

Living off-campus at college gives you lots of freedom. That’s why we’ve got a huge variety of solutions to accommodate your college apartment needs, no matter the size of the space. Take full advantage of your newfound independence by building your ideal college apartment – maybe you’ll even impress your parents in the process.

Time for your room to graduate

College is a time for exciting new beginnings, and that should include your space at home. Get inspired and reimagine your room with lots of functional furniture and college essentials. Make your room feel like a brand new space – except for the good old home cooking, of course.

Clever ideas for organizing and adapting your space

Dorm room life means thinking creatively, using every inch of space in the best way for you. Use a coffee table for a dinner party, or make a feature of your clothes. It’s all good!

A SNICKRA storage board holds pens, pencils and a ruler. Other desk items sit on a pair of BERGSHULT/PERSHULT shelves.
Two RIGGA clothing racks laden with clothes and shoes underneath. A GAMLEHULT storage footstool sits next to it.
A BLECKBERGET swivel chair and LAGKAPTEN/TILLSLAG desk sit under a VITVAL loft bed. A SNICKRA storage board is on the wall.
A vanity with a mirror and LEDSJÖ wall lamps on either side. A ring light is on, with hair dryer and makeup storage close by.
A young man holds a bowl and leans against a SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen while talking to a friend. A NISSAFORS trolley is nearby.
A VEBJÖRN desk, FORSÅ work lamp and BLECKBERGET swivel chair are in a student room. A PLUGGLAND memo board is on the wall.
FRIDNÄS nesting tables are set up in a room for a simple dinner party using the stools and sofa as seats for four people.
A PLUGGLAND memo board hangs on the wall underneath a shelf. It holds pens, scissors, dried flowers and two feathers.