FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon
FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon
FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon
FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon
FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon
FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon

After 30 years in our range, it’s one of the most hardworking bags in the world. It’s big and strong and carries most things. Be it shopping, doing laundry or going to the beach, it goes wherever you go.


Product details

In this spacious bag there is plenty of room for what you want to save and store – and the contents are well-protected thanks to the zipper.You can carry the bag in two ways – by the handles or on your back with the long straps over your shoulders.Easy to keep clean – just rinse and dry.Takes little room to store as it folds flat.Also suitable for recycling.Designer

K Hagberg/M Hagberg

  • Main parts:100 % polypropylene, Polypropylene
    Handle:100 % polypropylene
    Thread:100 % polyester
    Clean with lukewarm water.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • FRAKTAStorage bag for cartArticle Number:901.491.48
    Width: 10 ¾ "Height: ¼ "Length: 13 ¾ "Weight: 7 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

28 ¾ "
13 ¾ "
11 ¾ "
Max. load: 
55 lb
20 gallon


Perfect for College move-in.CHRISTINEPerfect for College move-in.5
Perfect packing/moving bag!Grace225I purchased two of these bags to store clothes as I was moving, and it did a perfect job! I was able to keep all the clothes on their hangers, fit them in (with extra room) and the bag didn't even stretch even with the tops of hangers were being pushed on the outside! Very sturdy and easy to carry!5
WOW what a bag!BonezThis is the best bag for packing clothes, towels and linens when you move. Gave 5 to my daughters family when they moved. Everyone put their own clothes in them and no fighting to find theirs.5
College necessitySRS70We’ve used these for 3 college move-ins now and they work great. They stack when full and fold up small to store and reuse and even have straps to wear as a backpack. We are able to slip a few in the dorm to use when coming home for break or even (sigh) bring laundry home.5
Not the same quality- Waste of moneyCoach ACI bought 10 of this bag to move linens, socks, clothing in from my old place and while walking with 7 of the bags from the car to the home they split at the seams!!! my clean clothes on the blacktop. Not the quality they once were sad. Would love a refund but lost the sales slip.1
Perfect Laundry BagAdam KBought this for my laundry5
Great valueSlandryI purchased this bag to transport my grandson's toys and other necessary items between our house and his house.5
I love these!!XD01These are the greatest for storage. They are a perfect fit for linens and soft goods!!!5
Best bag EVER!SeiriI've had 3 of these for about 2 years. I use 2 as my laundry bags because they a. hold plenty, b. are relatively easy to carry, and c. keep things dry when it's raining on my walk to and from the laundry. They're also cheaper than most traditional type laundry bags AND hold more too. They dry pretty quick too, so once my dirties are in the machine I just wipe the bags out with a soapy towel, flip it inside out and it's dry before it's time to switch to the dryers. They also have yet to retain any unpleasant smells!5
Kim918Great for college!! Holds a lot and then can fold flat till ready to use again.5
Love the zippermybagThis is a perfect size & having a zipper so things don't fall out really helps. I only bought a couple but will go back for more soon. The older bags things used to slide out in the car. Thank you5
Zippered and Backpack staps alsoMikala57Multiple purchases, great value and versatility5
No competion!pine treeBig, comfortable, can carry a lot of stuff and saves storage space.5
Great for moving!azaleaasThis a great alternative to boxes, specifically when moving all your clothes, shoes, etc. I like than it can be carried as a backpack. I also find these useful to later on store seasonal clothing. Also I find this for roadtrips/vacations a must instead of carrying a clunky suitcase. When treated properly it will last you a while.5
Durable and hold a ton of stuff!kathy63These bags are awesome! Both of my college students use these to transport clean clothes to college and then they double as a laundry bag for bringing home all the dirty clothes! I am buying a few more today and am going to try them for Christmas decor. You cannot beat the price!5
IKEA zipper duffle storage bagsLbomomboI love these bags!! They are extremely durable and fit so much in them. I’m going to Ikea this weekend to buy more.5
Love these storage bags !!!S CherryI love to use these bags for holiday items storage in the attic... they’re easy to get up in attic with the nice long handles on them. Also you can store quite a bit in them and nothing gets all dusty and the critters can’t get in the bag . We even store our suitcases in them they’re perfect for our carry on suitcases and duffle bags. Found soooo many uses for these bags that we purchased more.5
I really liked the zipperBwilliIt held all my Christmas gifts that was given to me by family members. Great use for traveling home on the train.5
BigMystieIt’s great for all my trips to ikea...and other stores.5
Great valueRINA LinI bought this tote to take on a trip as an Extra bag. It packs flat and is durable and really holds a lot more than I realized it would.5

Practical duo

Now our practical shopping bag has a spacious cousin with a zipper that helps you carry or move things - both in the store and at home. Carry it on your back, in your hand or attach it to FRAKTA cart. The cart can hold up to 66 lbs.

Storage bag for cart, blue20 gallon

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FRAKTA Storage bag for cart, blue, 20 gallon