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Flexible fashionable favourites

It’s understandable why flexible living room furniture, like the SÖDERHAMN sofa, become many people’s favourites. That’s why it’s extra fun when it turns up in a brand new and modern outfit!

All sections in the SÖDERHAMN sofa series can be put together (or used freestanding!) to become the exact sofa combination you want and need.

Our EKET cabinet series includes closed and open storage in different sizes and colours, so it’s easy to create a personalised solution that fits your style, space and needs.

Can’t find a day-bed that suits your style? Use two SÖDERHAMN chaise longues instead – there are several colours to choose from (which you can change when you like!).

Gather your magazines and store them in style – BUSKBO magazine stand brings warmth and nature into your home, and it’s designed to be easy to lift and carry.

Transparent picture ledges let the art do the talking (and you can rearrange your things as often as you like!).