Study room

A room to make their own

Design a space where kids can be not only productive, but creative. Creativity allows kids to tap into their imagination and a world beyond rules and obligation. Turn an ordinary workspace into something stimulating for your aspiring Einstein to realise their potential. 


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A corner for studying and learning

Designed to encourage productivity. Check out our range of fun and friendly children’s study furniture - helping them keep their study area clutter-free with a place to draw, study and play.

A workstation (and playstation)

A special place for study and play. Create a space to nurture your child’s creativity with our wide range of furniture designed specifically for children - perfect for arts, crafts or homework!

How to create a study space

With the right equipment, some planning and organisation, and a personal touch, you can create a better study environment for your children.

Our MICKE series is specially designed to fit small spaces, all the parts have the same height and depth so they’re easy to use together. The drawer comes with castors making it a mobile storage for study essentials.

Essentials for your Study room

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