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What’s new in the IKEA range

It’s the future. Again. Meet the Nytillverkad collection

A selection of the pastel Nytillverkad products are arranged in an artful composition including the SLÖJSILJA duvet set.

Enjoy spending time in the kitchen with TABBERAS collections

TABBERAS collection makes work in the kitchen easy and enjoyable for grown-ups and little ones.

Where every piece matters – the MÄVINN collection

the MÄVINN collection

Feast and have fun together with the new ÖMSESIDIG collection

A narrow patio with pink walls and people of all ages around a long table with food and flowers on an ÖMSESIDIG tablecloth.

Flip it, use it, love it

Versatile and flexible, the new OLSERÖD table is two in one: a side table that you can slide over your lap when seated on the sofa – but also a coffee table, once it’s flipped around. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking piece to introduce to your home this season.

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Two OLSERÖD tables made from steel, wood and fabric in minimalistic, rounded shapes, one higher than the other.
A closeup view of the fabric pouch of an OLSERÖD side table, with glasses, a notebook and some stones on the table top.
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