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Dining for all budgets

At IKEA, we design the price tag first before the product.

It is very important to us to remain affordable for everyone, and so we have different types of dinnerware paired with the best dining table to match for every wallet size. Choose from three different bundles: smarter kit, everyday eating and hosting a dinner party.

Smarter kit

Classic dinnerware that's beautiful and affordable. Pair that with a minimalist design dining set that's stain and scratch-resistant. The clean design of this combines well with many styles.

Bundle price total:

4,733 THB

Everyday eating

A table for two, four and six. Designed with durability and extra space in mind, extendable tables make it easy to have big dinners. Combine it with classic clean lines of stone and glassware that will suit any occasion.

Bundle price total:

21,064 THB

Hosting a dinner party

Intimate, inviting and ready for guests. Create a bit of elbow room with our 10-seater dining sets for your next party. Make your food the star of the show with classic soft-lined dinnerware that is also easy to coordinate with your favourite tablecloth, placemats and glasses.

Bundle price total:

41,275 THB