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Hari Raya tips and ideas: decorations, cooking and making your celebration a blast!

Muslims start fasting four weeks before Hari Raya Aidilfitri — also known as the month of Ramadan. After a month of reflection, Singaporeans join in a much-anticipated Raya celebration, filled with feasting and festivities with family and friends. Families will also start to plan and coordinate their outfits, as well as invest in small refurbishments in their homes for their annual Raya theme.

Here are some simple tips you can Raya your way to a festive and inviting home.

Raya delicacies plated on the GOKVÄLLÅ plates, bowls and serving trays.

Update any room with new textiles

Revive the look of your home and rooms with a few extra cushions, curtains or rugs. Hari Raya decoration with textiles is simple, and the overall appearance of your home can be enhanced in a beautiful way. Layer the textiles, play with different textures and colours, and just express your style with our range.

A blue squarish GOKVÄLLÅ cushion cover with embroideries.
    Cushion covers are a great accent to make your living room feel extra cosy. If you're hosting large crowds, you can even create gathering spaces with floor cushions.
    A woman pulls the TERESIA sheer curtain to let light into the living room.
      Play with layers on your windows. Use sheer curtains to let natural light through but still provide privacy. Or you can also consider block-out curtains if you'd like a darker room.
      A white JUSTINA chair pad is placed on a chair in a dining room.
        Chair pads are made for long, delicious dinners. Stock up on chair pads and help your guests feel extra comfortable with great food and intimate conversations.

        Try mixing textures and materials?

        Mixing textures and materials is another simple way to get a lot out of very little. It can instantly create another layer to your interior decoration!

        Close-up shot of a light brown low-pile LANGSTED rug, with two coffee tables on it.
          Whether you walk, sit or stand on a rug, they will add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to any room. Rugs enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your living space too.
          The bamboo-made MISTERHULT table lamp is placed on a bedside table.
            Bring a natural, soft glowing light into your home. You can create a warm atmosphere with the bamboo-framed MISTERHULT table lamp, which is hand-woven by skilled craftspeople.
            BUSKBO armchair in front of a coffee table and a white sofa in the living room.
              For rain and shine, you can always depend on rattan materials to host any guest. Why not match the soft textures with a BUSKBO armchair and other rattan-made materials?

              Prepare your Hari Raya Aidlilfitri delicacies in style

              After all the hard work in decorating your home, it’s time to prepare and showcase your best cooking skills to your family and guests. Expect to find many traditional Malay food like the ketupat, rendang, lontong, kuih raya and so much more to feast on!

              And at times like this, we know it can be overwhelming to cook and serve in style. Here, we have three essential kitchen helpers to help this Raya.

              A black pot from the HEMLAGAD 6-piece cookware set in black is used to cook noodles.
                From bubur lambuk to rendang, find cookware in various sizes for you to cook up a feast. 
                IKEA 365+ containers in various sizes are used to store different food and sauces.
                  Store your Raya cookies in pretty jars and pack up extra food for your family and friends with sustainable food containers.  
                  Treats are placed in the FULLSPÄCKAD serving tray.
                    Impress your guests with your treats and simple plating. It doesn't have to be complicated, and can be placed anywhere without dirtying hands!
                    A living room pictured after sunset is prepared for gathering with items from the GOKVÄLLÅ collection, such as cushions, teapot and cups, serving bowls, plates, table runner, and paper bags.

                      Set the table for good makan and company

                      Our secret mood-makers: Decorative lighting and candles create a warm welcoming atmosphere

                      Light is one of the key elements which plays an important role in creating your house’s atmosphere and mood. Add a little extra glow to your home with our wide choice of lighting!

                      A black TÄRNABY table lamp is placed by the bedside table with other accessories.

                        Turn up or wind down to cosy company with the built-in dimmer.

                        A white GOKVÄLLÅ block candle holder with brass base is used for a candle that's lit in the room.

                          Add an ornate touch with delicate patterns to create a warm ambience.

                          A VISSVASS LED lighting chain is hung on the wall with a collage of mirrors and photo frames, above the sofa in the living room.

                            Brighten up your living room or balcony with beautiful lighting chains.

                            Top view of Malay food and delicacies placed on a long dining table in brown. Chairs are neatly aligned around the table.

                            Find more essentials to be ready for a wonderful Raya